2008 BAJA 500 updates


DA Meatball


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Up date from the wash jump.... bikes 1x, 8x, 300x, 17x Ivan Ramirez "Ensenada Kid", 100x, 500x, some quads have also finished just that I have no numbers... 9x just went threw...


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anyone have info on #110 BJ Richardson of LVDC??? IonEarth shows him kind of back, miles 110 or so. thanks
Brandon, I'm not sure what happened to BJ (110). It looks like he's been down a long time, unless something happened with the tracker. Wouldn't be the first time. But Pat was supposed to do a driver's change at RM 230 and Shane was supposed to be in contact with me when they were out, and I haven't heard from them nor did I ever see them stop anywhere near RM 230.

Pat is still stopped and 108 and 120 are both moving and gaining on him.