2008 F250 seats in a 1997 F250?


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Anyone ever put Superduty seats in an older crew cab? I have a 1996/1997 and I have access to a set of seats out of a 2008 crew. It would be a nice upgrade for my old truck.


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It should work - I put 04 leather/power tahoe seats in my 93 blazer, and 7 of the 8 mounting points lined right up. I just had to slot one hole.


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i have been trying to find a good deal for the same setup.
it measures out to fit if that is your question.
if you don't end up using the seats i would be interested in them


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Ford changed the floor pan in 97 with the new rounded body style, seat frame is beefier and completly different. If your truck has the newer body style you may be in luck.