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2008 Universal Trailer Stollen - $1,000 Reward


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My 2008 26' Universal Trailer was stollen today from a secured storage facility in Corona. It had a 2013 Yamaha WR450F and my son's 2007 Yamaha TTR125LE in it.
They drove directly to my trailer and stole it even though it had a tongue lock. I think they thought my Desert Dynamics was in it, but I sold it a few weeks back. I am not sure how they knew what was in it. I am always careful about who is around me when I open it.
I am offering a $1,000 reward to any info that leads to the capture of the individuals and the return of the trailer and bikes. The trailer has a blue Yamaha Geni mounted to the tongue. It has one exterior LED flood light and one standard incandescent. It now has damage to the front passenger side sustained in the theft. You can see from the pictures and video that the one guy has one leg fully tattooed.
Thank you for everyone's help!!!



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That sucks! Any steekers/decals on trailer?


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Usually those gate controllers require the person trying to get in or out to enter their code. The guy obviously had been in there before, he hit a specific trailer. Either inside info or he was a tenant at some point. Is the rear license plate covered? Looks it was.


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He follows someone in and then they ram the gate to leave. Both license plates removed on the truck.