2008 Wrangler Factory Switch Pod Wiring, Need Help


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Feb 4, 2013
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Did some digging around on the inter webs with part numbers and keywords, seems like it should be quick and easy, but can't seem to filter out what I need. (The inter webs are getting too clogged with crap now). The various "Wrangler Forums", like many others, are too polluted with opinions and BS for me to spend the hours to sift through and try to find the info I need.

What I am trying to do:
I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler JKU "X" Model. I am installing E-lockers front and rear. I purchased a factory Rubicon switch pod that has the "Axle Lock" switch for a nice clean factory look on the dash.

1. Does anyone know if the factory plug on my current X model has the necessary pins already installed to operate the extra switch's on the Rubicon switch pod? Can I just wire up my locker wiring without having to buy a new connector harness to match the pins in the Rubicon switch pod?

2. Does anyone have the pin diagram for this switch pod?

3. The "Axle Lock" buttons on the Rubicon switch pod is a rocker switch (up and down switch that returns to center), How does this work in factory Rubicons? Can this operate both the front and rear lockers by toggling either the up or down switch? Or does an up toggle engage a front or rear locker, then a down toggle dis-engage the locker?

4. Does anyone know of anyone I can talk to about getting this wired up?

Thanks for the help.


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Jan 15, 2021
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The factory rubicon locker switches are ran thru the CANBUS. Its just a signal to the TIPM to tell it when you hit the button. Your Jeep may all ready have the connector in the dash for it but you will have to have the rubicon locker options turned on in the TIPM before it will work. Then you will have to add the factory locker relay harness from the TIPM to the lockers. Its much easier to just wire them to a switch and turn them on and off as needed.