2009 Bullrun report with pictures..


Iron Mike

Checkpoint 1

Monticello Raceway..Monticello Ny

Milage 95

I had no Idea what I was going to be doing when I signed up for this rally. As we got out checkpoint card sat morning it turned into a full sprint race out of new york city. We got out on the open hwy and people were blowing by me like I was stopped so I guess going 95 mph wasnt going to cut it..I bumped out speed up to the 120mph range and now we are knocking the milage down. We seen several of the other drivers pulled over by the law and I knew that I didnt want to have a ticket so I found a comfort zone and stayed in it. We get to Checkpoint 1 and I was super happy we finished 14th.. We had a great lunch and got to take a spin around the roadcourse..

Checkpoint 2

Omni William Penn Hotel
milage 356

So Andy and I are on our way and right off the bat we see several of our other racers pulled off to the side with the law. We kept a great pace and had to make 1 fuel stop about 70 miles from the finish..(subaru gets poor milage at 130mph) Just as we get back on the freeway one of the racers entered in a CHP car complete with radar and lights..He comes up behind us and trys to pull us over but once I knew it was him I took off and the CHP car couldnt keep up. We arrive in Pittsburg 4th to our surpirse..lots of people spent lots of road side time with the cops...

E&S Racing

Good stuff Mikey. THX for getting a pic me on the billboard too in my Abercrombie and Fitch ad!!! (pic #3)


Iron Mike

Checkpoint 1
Thunder Canyon Raceway
91 miles

Andy and I made a slight navigation error getting out of pittsburg and put us about 10 minutes back but we keep a ear on the police scanner and knew where the cops were and put the pedal down and made up some time and finished the first checpoint in 11th
This race track was awesome it was about a 1/4 mile dirt oval and we got to race go carts on the track and show the euro guys how we do it in the dirt.

Checkpoint 2
Stonewall Jackson Hotel Staunton Va
165 miles

We got out of the track and on the hwy and we are in the top 5 when a police officer thought that I was speeding I dont know where he got that from lol.. I put on a great smile and made a great story real quick and we were on our way in just a few minutes. Now the state of virginia was lets say.....no so happy about our arrival. We got to cross over a great mountain range and we put a spanking on the exotic cars and arrive at the checkpoint 3rd..The mountain rd section was great about 50 miles of twist and turns..Most everyone got pulled over for having radar detectors since they are illegal in Virginia.


Iron Mike

Checkpoint 1

Maker's Mark Distillery Loretto KY
461 miles

So the police found where we were staying and we got a 65mph all the way out of virginia to the west virginia boarder. So not really any cool stories other then going slow and getting to check out the country side. We get into the Kentucky state and the race was back on we are running about 9th or 10th and a few miles from the checkpoint and I guess that one of the guys we were racing agaisnt didn't want to get passed so he ran us into the grass at close to 100mph (yes we had words later)
I get to the checkpoint 9th and we got to check out how they make bourbon..

Checkpoint 2
Union Station Hotel
Nashville TN
170 miles

So here is where things get kinda scary So we are running in the top 10 going down the freeway and we found ourselfs racing with the new AUDI RAPTOR R8 this things flys but we were better in traffic. So we get on this big open stretch and we open out cars up and start flying ................RADAR DETECTOR COMES TO LIFE OH CRAP I slam on the brakes and get slowed down the R8 stays on the gas and tries to run no a good idea he ended up spending the night in Jail. I got lucky and the cops really wanted him and didn't come after me. We finished the day in 7th.


Iron Mike
Day 4

Checkpoint 1 Talladega Superspeedway
237 miles

We started our morning off great with a great breakfast at the loveless Cafe..Then we were on the hwy for Talladega!!!! Pretty much nothing cool to talk about other the then one of the team going to jail for doing 145mph..We cruised and got to the track 9th. Now this was so much fun we got to take our street cars around the superspeedway. We did have a pace car that did about 130mph but that wasnt enough for me so I laid back and let them go then I opened the General Tire subaru STI and went around turn 1 and 2 at 155mph..I knew this was a once and a lifetime deal so we pulled over and let Grider take the wheel for a few laps. So much fun!

Checkpoint 2 Hotel Atlanta
Atlanta Ga
110 miles

I got on the Hwy with the CHP race car and wow does he make it easy getting thru traffic he just turns on the lights and everyone moves out of our way. We ran a good pace for most of this section and just had a blast making our way thru traffic. We got into atlanta and we choose to follow our GPS that was going to take us a way with less traffic and that was a mistake dropping us from 2nd to 11th since there was no traffic like we though there would be..Ohe well..


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hey i thought your not allowed to use gps?


Iron Mike
I tried getting a RDC sticker...I don't really know how I'm spamming but I guess a fellow racer writing about his adventure could be called spamming...Maybe the RDC t shirt that I wore wasnt good enough...


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lol Mikey I never said this thread was spamming. The other one looking for sponsors was the one I was referring to. I think its a cool deal and would like to hear the rest of the story.


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Those cars are kind of conspicuous arent they? I would think the cops would be all over you guys.


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there is a race?, I am still stuck on the pic of the Hot chicks!!! :D lol