2010 Silverado 1500 Motor transmission Advise/Help


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Aug 3, 2020
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Ventura County, Ca
I have been out of the truck stuff for awhile now and getting back in to it with this truck I bought. Sorry this will probably be a long post but looking for some help and advise.

I bought a 2010 Silverado 1500 ext cab short bed. The truck is set up with long travel suspension and 37" tires. Here's the run down.
Originally a 4.3 V6 and motor was swapped to a 5.3 LMG from a 2012 Tahoe. Texas Speed low lift cam package with LS6 Valve Springs, LS3 VVT delete connection kit and DOD/AFM delete kit, with a Current Performance wiring harness with ECU PCM and TCU. The transmission form the V6 (4l60e) was rebuilt with 5 pinion front and rear with Corvette Servo and 2500 stall Torque Converter.

When I bought the truck first day the drive shaft blew out and I had a 2 piece drive shaft custom made and put in. Now the transmission is possibly shot! it burned up the fluid and will go into drive for a second and then nothing like it is in neutral.

I have it at a transmission shop right now and they are trying to research it before they drop the pan and check out the existing transmission. They believe if shot I should put a 6l80e in it that matches the motor it has. If I went this route would it require a new wiring harness and using a ECU, PCM, and TCU from a 2012 Tahoe?

I would hate to have to redo the drive shaft since I don't even think I have put 500 miles on the truck since I bought it. I know a lot of offroaders and prerunner people put in the 4l80e saying they are pretty bullet proof. The 6l80e is intriguing since I have 4.88 gears and the truck is pushing about 2800-3000 RPMS at 75 on the highway

I reached out to Current Performance about the wiring harness and stuff. Their response was any warranty and support died with the original owner so I cant get much info from them.

The transmission shop it is at is long time family friends and they are a long time good company but they don't do much in swaps.

I know a 6l80e would probably need a new gauge cluster. I was already planning a swap to a 6 gauge cluster since I have the 4 gauge cluster. Also I have the DIC coming as well to install on it.

Thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide.