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2010 silverado 4wd pre-runner adjust


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I have a 2010 silverado which i recently have done pre runner modificaition on. the kit was purchased from CWF offroad and assembly in dubai; dune bike garage. the kits included a-arms, 2.5 dual rate adjustable kings in the front with bump stop and in the rear i have the 2.5" triple bypass king shocks. the pressure is 150 psi all around for a smoother ride.

now since i am new to this i would like to know from the experts their recomendation on how best i can set up both the fornt and rear shocks. i understand that in terms of front suspension i only have 2 options to make it smooth or firm but in the rear shocks i have the 3 tube adjustable in each side.

what is the best way to adjust the rear shocks i have read in forums that its best to close them all up and do some test on which you basically end up opening the rebound and compression tubes for a smoother ride.?? now what kind of tools i can use to keep both sides with the same ratio. in other forms they mentions something about keeping track of number of turns? anything else i can do to make my it easier

here is a video i uploaded on youtube of my ride

please advice