2012 Parker 425 Qualifying


Nimrod de PMC
Well I know it hasn't started yet but I thought I'd get ahead of the curve and start a thread. Ill try to update with shotty times and maybe a pic or 2

ML Racer

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I think it's starts at 11:30am with a practice run first!

Jerry Zaiden

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Today will be a long day. 88 cars/trucks will equal 1.5 hours for just practice. Then some time in between for what ever. Then another 1.5 hours for qualifying. And that's if they start people 1 min apart. If they do a 1.5 or 2 min duration then it will even be longer!

Either way way are ready to kick a ss today! Top 10-20 spot will give us a good starting position.



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Any carnage from qualifying??

about to leave the shop and wondering if I need to bring any replacement parts?


Results get posted around 6pm I belive (5pm cali time), Rob Mac looked fastest to me, Voss, Lopez, Childress, Johnson also all looked good. Will have some photos up soon.