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2014 Baja 500 Trophy Truck 83


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Someone asked me to post how the race was for TT83, so here it goes...

Qualifying went great for us, in only our second race with less than 500 total miles on the truck coming into the race we were able to qualify 6th against a very stacked field. I was very happy with the truck.

Race day started off good. I could only do so much to not let it get in my head that Mr. Ballistic was starting right behind us. I look up to BJ as one of the best drivers in the sport. I knew BJ was back there, but we had to drive our own race. Around corners I could see BJ 50-60 yards behind us, but we were being held up by the two trucks in front of us, so I figured there’s no reason to let him go, as we were not the ultimate hold up. he was anywhere from 50 yards to 2 minutes behind us.

We passed a couple trucks with flats and minor issues, much to my surprise we were running 3rd on the road going down the southern side of the beach… Bryce got back by us clean bump and pass, we let him go. Stepped off of a straight away at about 100MPH to let him by because I didn’t want to hold him up or get punted! Haha! Then we were 3-4 mins behind Robby physically and fighting for the corrected time lead with RG, Voss, Menzies and Jones. It's an unreal feeling knowing we were racing for the lead with those guys.

We were running a good steady pace all through San Telmo/ Meilings Ranch/ El Coyote… A few miles before Mikes in a tight rocky section we got a well-deserved flat tire. There wasn’t a good place to pull over for a hundred yards or so and we ended up folding the wheel over the Caliper and having the floor jack fail… It was at least a 10 minute tire change…

After that we fought converter over heating issues the rest of the day and we cruised it in the last 1/3 of the race to a 6th place finish. I'm very happy with a solid finish in the new truck! The converter is something we have diagnosed and will be fixed and tested shortly.

The truck did great! It handles awesome! Very happy with the truck as I proved to myself it is a front running truck.

Next race is Vegas to Reno and then the Baja 1000.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make it possible. Dale Dondel and Racer Engineering built an awesome truck. BFGoodrich Tires, Ultra Wheels, Maxima Racing Oils, K&N Air Filters, Howe Performance, King Shocks, Arciero Sports, Oakley, Kroyer Racing Engines, Baja Design lights, and everyone else who helped. Thanks.

PS: If anyone has me hitting the Mikes water crossing please send the video! Hydroplane sent us completely sideway at about 60MPH.
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Great Job Luke!
I had you 4th on the road and 8th on corrected time at RM110 Erendira just 2:14 off the lead.
Noticed you had some down time over the top. I have you finishing 7th. behind 6th place Mark Weyhrich and ahead of Gary in 8th.


^^^ California Chrome did get '4th-place' you know .... bwwwhaaaaaaa

Zac Reish

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Good write up. Pretty cool to see how well you did in such a new truck. Congrats! I wish others would take the time to do a write up.

J Burleson

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Thanks Luke! We Always enjoy your post race write ups Congrats on a solid run with the new truck !


Bummer on the flat. I will be racing your 16 car at V2R. Hope it still has some wins left in it!


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Jumping at rm365, drunk guys standing next to the ramp included

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