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2015 Dakar Rally - Dream Racer DVD Giveaways!


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Hi Bull-dust, sorry for the late reply.
I was leaning toward a smaller displacement motor myself (5.5L) but when we looked at the whole package as a privateer jumping from two-wheels to four-wheel racing, the guys convinced me of the LS7 for the additional torque, the cost of parts, the larger displacement to reduce the negative impact of the air intake restrictor with lower RPM, and the engine maps we can already apply / test without too much messing around.
Dream Racer - Multi-Award Winning Dakar Film
"For me this movie had an incredible life changing effect, it just showed me that no matter what, one has the power to confront the unknown and come out on top." www.dreamracer.tv


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Peeps, it has been a little while. Here is a quick update on Dream Racer for the film that keeps on winning ;)

We just won an additional 2 film awards in Canada for Best Feature Film and People's Choice which now makes Dream Racer the most awarded unscripted motorcycle feature film in history, with a total of 9 International Awards.


All here in the press release.