2015 Dakar: Stage 5 - COPIAPO -> ANTOFAGASTA

John Bitting

Local time at the race is GMT-3. PST is GMT-8

Transit: 174km/108miles @ 06:30(local)
SS: 458km/284miles @ 09:30(local)
Transit: 65km/40miles @ 14:20(local)

Transit: 174km/108miles @ 09:09(local)
SS: 458km/284miles @ 12:14(local)
Transit: 65km/40miles @ 16:54(local)

Transit: 174km/108miles @ 11:27(local)
SS: 458km/284miles @ 14:32(local)
Transit: 65km/40miles @ 19:32(local

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The first of the precious few specials with a common programme for all categories. Confident drivers and riders at the front of the race will be able to use the fast tracks to try and gain time in the general classification, but every mistake will carry a hefty price tag, especially in tricky fesh-fesh areas where nerves of steel are the only guarantee of a safe passage. Maximum accuracy will be required when overtaking other competitors.

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WOW seems like we have been at this a lot longer than 5 days. I'm pretty sure the comments/arguments both Pro & Con about a guy from Orange racing an Orange car have been regurgitated from the past few years of DAKAR threads. Don't get me wrong I love the RDC debating society and all the energy it produces. I have some opinions but they don't carry much weight. I just know I am a rabid fan of this event and I have my favorites, today I root for a female from Spain on a Japanese motorcycle, a Slovakian in a behemoth and oh yeah I will continue to stay in the SPEED corner.

I know there are a few on here that have participated in this event and can feel what's happening south of the equator. But for the rest of us (who many of us have spent countless hours participating in motorsports), can you imagine doing this, day after day?

And away we go into Stage 5!
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I like to see the mix of cars performing, not just a "class". All varieties together.

IV fluid sounds really good after a race and would make after party better. Must look into this. I cannot imagine multiple days of 250 miles +. I'm sure a/c and windshield help with dehydration a little bit.

I am rooting for rg. He's really the only " super star" whom I've met in real life and had meaningful conversation with. Seems genuine and cordial. Plus USA. Plus a tinkerer like myself. Plus he is usually entertaining whether winning or losing. Video seems limited this race. No NBC for me.

Good luck to all today. Thanks for all contributing. Mostly I'm on my phone and it's a pain to type much.


I asked Johnny what it's like and this was his answer.

Drive to Barstow, race to Saint George , drive to Salt Lake City, do that for 13 days but different tracks.



Here's a Video of Laia smoking the boys on a technical hill climb in Baja with Johnny, Cameron, and all the guys on the beach bash ride. Somewhere there's a video showing the guys doing it and that one lets you know how tough this climb actually is as the guys are falling all over. Laia is a world champion trials rider.



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I'm on the road today but will be checking in from time to time...you know how I know it's been a rough Dakar?? So many entries have dropped out a few Nissans are getting close to the top 20!!

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08:39 : More withdrawals
Stage 4 again caused problems, especially in the bike category with 8 riders dropping out. Lucas Bonetto also was forced to withdraw after mechanical problems with his quad, the day after winning a stage. Seven cars also abandoned the race yesterday evening in Copiapo.

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dakar.com shows RG starting 18 today
Sainz is shown starting 17
Chich starting 62nd

at least that is what is on the schedule. Don't know if they all show or not.


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Again...just a clean stage is all I'm asking for...is that too much to ask? Did we ever hear what yesterday's issue was?

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scoring still shows only 66 at finish from yesterdays stage. Terranova and sainz still show no time for finish yesterday, but like said above sainz shows to start in front of rg. we'll see shortly what's up!

terranova off at :47 past and sainz off at :48 past


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Again...just a clean stage is all I'm asking for...is that too much to ask? Did we ever hear what yesterday's issue was?

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From JC:
Dakar update from The Biv in Copiapo Chile,
January 7th 2015,
Today's stage was a mighty one leaving early for a 600k journey over the Andes, light headed and out of breath just sitting in the Navi seat....left the Bivouac at 651am and started the 315k special at 3:06pm. The stage started on Rocky mining roads and washes at high elevations. Then dropped down and ran some suuuppper smooth but extremely slick roads connected by Rocky hill climbs in and out of washes. The last 80k ran pretty solidly in BIG dunes til the finish in Copiapo.
We took off with vengeance to set the pace of the day for the first 85k. We encountered a couple major players with major issues only to continue a bit more and find our own.
The flex plate on the Gordini cracked causing a vibration til finally we stopped to investigate. We made trail side cut and hack-took awhile but was necessary to not cause further damage. After a lengthy "repair" we were underway making the best of it. Super fun roads, gnarly rocks and dunes for miles that could swallow a small village.
RG did an outstanding job crossing the battle zone of stuck vehicles and some upside down.
Navigation was fun, chasing waypoints across the sea of sand.
We lost several minutes/hour plus today with our problems,
But as the Dakar continues so will the battle of those like us, with multiple trials.
Tomorrow is a new day and the Speed Energy crew is doing an outstanding job re prepping our mess day after day, all night long.
Thanks Boys!!
Love to my Family, Friends and Fans.