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2016 Pacific Northwest Off Road Racing Series (schedule)


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Less than 30 days to the opening race. Lots of prep going on in the shops and garages in the NW. Word is over 60 drivers registered - 2016 is looking to be a great year on racing here in the PNW.
Blue Coyote Racing / NWOffroad.net is doing some final prep and upgrades on the Can Am Maverick XRS. We also have a BroLite / Limited Lite Ranger under construction for Macinzie.
Hope to see lots of past racers and many new ones on March 19th at the new Riverdale Raceway track.


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Very stoked for this series, will be out in the shop again all day today!

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PNWOR Official Release - Tacoma WA - March 07th 2016

Mother Nature and the unruly North Fork of the Toutle River have dealt the Pacific NorthWest Offroad Race (PNWOR) series a mean blow. Despite the best efforts of the PNWOR and Riverdale Raceway crews, the continued unpredictable weather and river flow have kept the newest race track of the series from being race ready. PNWOR and Riverdale Raceway take racing very seriously, and want to continue to put on exciting fun family friendly events. So after daily monitoring and careful review, the difficult decision was made to reschedule Round #1 originally planned for Mar 19th at Riverdale Raceway.

In order to maintain the 8 race series PNWOR has added an extra race day to the Goldendale short course event - now running June 25 & 26th.

The first event of the 2016 PNWOR Race Series will the the Starvation Ridge UTV 100.0 Challenge in Goldendale WA on April 02nd. This UTV only event will feature approximately 100 miles of desert racing action.

Round #2 of the series will be at Stradeline Race way outside of Olympia WA and features short course racing with UTV / Truck / Buggy / ATV’s.

PNWOR and Riverdale Raceway want to thank everyone for their continued support.

Revised 2016 PNWOR Race Schedule
April 02 Goldendale WA UTV 100.0 Challenge
April 30 Olympia WA Short Course @ Stradeline
May 21 Olympia WA Short Course @ Stradeline
June 25 & 26 Goldendale WA Short Course @ Goldendale
Sept 10 Olympia WA Short Course @ Stradeline
Oct 08 Goldendale WA Short Course @ Goldendale
Nov 5 Toutle WA Short Course @ Riverdale

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I have got to make it to a few races this year -- This sounds like fun.