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2016 SCORE Baja 500 course


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At the 250 when we crossed with the race car in Mexicali the border workers had a race entry list, they looked for our number on the list. Never had that happen before, but the car has full papers so there wasn't much they could do. Maybe they were checking it off to and then making sure it came back.
One of our trucks also had to pay the tire tariff on spares but I have heard this has been going on for a couple years already.


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The rules and regs do say you need a Passport, Passport card, enhansed drivers license or other form of ID (all of which require a passport) to return to the USA. And yes you can get back without it but you risk a hassle. And ONLY a passport is acceptable to get a Mexican Visa (or FMT).


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Been going to Baja without a passport for 5 years now, have not be hassled yet. Let me start over I use my Canadian passport to go to Baja, use my driver license and Canadian birth certificate to come back to the US. I am a American citizen. Its a long story!


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We had a few friends that went to the mexicali night race last week tell us that new rule is ONLY 4 spare tires are being allowed in per race vehicle. That could get interesting if there isnt something done about that by the 500! We are heading down for Dos Mares next week so we will find out if they have the same rules at tj border.


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Ok, just got back from course marking - No, i cannot say that. However, I do know the course... can't say that, either. It does, in fact, go up Simpsons and around the backside of Mikes on that horrible road in the San Pedro Martir Park. Now I know I will get a phone call from top brass. I can't speak any further on this subject. I know nothing. Yo no se' nada, absolutamente nada, me entienden? Soy mentiroso.


If it goes through La Salada and up towards San Felo my plans are set.

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I heard it was starting in Catavina, going south to El Arco then back north on the same route after a 24 hour layover