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2016 Silkway Rally - Rest Day


Beating Peugeot and Mini is one amazing accomplishment. Something to be proud of coming from a smaller team. Too bad for the Silkway efforts the team owner makes this call but he must look at it from a bigger picture.

Lets see what comes out of this for Damien in regards to Rally Raid.


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That has to hurt...but how much would a Jefferies buggy like this go for Stateside? I noted in the video of the stage last night that they did mention "SCORE"...


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The best sounding vehicle there is the Jefferies buggy. I know that may sound stupid on my part, and the sound doesn't make it faster, but to me the Pug's exhaust and whinning is just annoying. The Toyota sounds pretty good too.


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superfunny how Damen was filming the crowd at Red Square podium while organizers wanted him to just go off and let another car go in... and yes the buggy is screaming!


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Have they extended the wheel base or are the rear shocks more upright (top mounts further rearwards) to allow the spare tire on each side? Looks to be longer behind the rear wheels than the Baja edition.