2016 Silkway Rally - Stage13 - Alaskan > Wuhai



Road to Mines - 07/22/2016

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Road section: 31 km
Special: 367 km
2nd Road section: 327 km

Cars will start the
road section at 07:00 (18:00 PST on 07/21/2016)
special at 7:50 (18:50 PST on 07/21/2016)

UTC+8 / CST (China standard time) / 15 hours ahead of current Pacific Time.
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Silk Way Rally 2016. Moscow - Beijing
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E. Araiza

Well-Known Member
S13 ALASHAN-WUHAI “Road to mines” 724,89kms
TERRAIN: 80% tracks: 80%, sand and 20% dirt
20% off-road: dune75% and sand and vegetation 25%
ALTITUDE : 1159-1792m

The Silk Way Rally record books will show that Stéphane Peterhansel and Jean-Paul Cottret (Peugeot DKR2008) won stage 13 from Alashan to Wuhai, but in finishing third today, Cyril Despres and David Castera (Peugeot DKR2008) are now one special-stage away from the 2016 title.

What to remember

°’Peter’ fastest, Cyril in control mode
°T2 At a glance
°1-2- 3-4- 5 KAMAZING !
°Tomorrow : “The right heading”


On day two of the Silk Way Rally ending dune trifecta, Stéphane Peterhansel and Jean-Paul Cottret scored their fifth stage win of 2016. But the French team’s real goal was to guarantee overall leaders Cyril Despres and David Castera make it to the finish safe and sound. And that they did with the N°104 Peugeot crew taking third place and extending their margin over second in the general classification, Yazeed Al Rahji and Timo Glottschalk (MINI ALL4 Racing) to 31’27”, who were fourth best today.

Third overall, Vladmir Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhilstov (MINI ALL4 Racing) finished runner-up. Yesterday heroes turned heartbreak kids, Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena (Peugeot DKR 2008) completed the Top 5. The crews of Harry Hunt and Andreas Schulz and Aidyn Rakhimbayev and Anton Nikolaev make it 4 MINI ALL4 Racing entries in the Top 5 ahead of the final special stage of the rally.

T2 At a glance…revenge for Berezovskiy and Falkov

Denis Berezovskiy and Ignat Falkov (Toyota Land Cruiser) got a bit of revenge on T2 category leaders Akira Miura and Laurent Lichtleuchter (Toyota VDJ200) in setting the best time on SS13, but Miura and Lichtleuchter still have a commanding 1H01’14” advantage one day before the end of the rally. Adrian DiLallo and Hiroaki Suzuki (Isuzu) were third today.

1-2- 3-4- 5 KAMAZING !

Russian Powerhouse Kamaz made easy work of the Alashan-Wuhai stage with a sweep of the top five places, while rival Martin Van Den Brink in the Renault Sherpa lost more time to overall leader Airat Mardeev.

Edouard Nikolaev in the black retro nose Kamaz scored his third stage win ahead of overall leader Mardeev by 01’23”. Third place went to Dmitry Sotnikov ahead of Andrey Karginov and Anton Shibalov. Second overall, Van Den Brink is now 11’56” behind Mardeev in the general classification. Tomorrow : Stage 14 of the 2016 Silk Way Rally, from Wuhai to Hohhot(754.28km, with 261km of special stage). The final competition stage of edition 6 will not be a mere formality, but rather the last chance to shine before the long liaison to Beijing. The fast and sandy tracks will be sprinkled with dunes. The rally cannot be won on this ultimate timed sector, but it can certainly be lost.

E. Araiza

Well-Known Member

“Another real special-stage”
Stéphane Peterhansel (Driver, Peugeot DKR2008 n100) :

“It was another fantastic and proper rally-raid special-stage today! As we planned we stayed behind Cyril to protect him. We made a small navigation mistake and thankfully the lake at the bottom of the dune was dry, we had nothing to be worried about. More than five hours in the car today. The stages are stinging together and we are beginning to feel the effects of fatigue.”

“To see behind the dunes”
Cyril Despres (Driver, Peugeot DKR2008 n°104) :

“It wasn’t easy to be the first car in the stage today with all the tracks from yesterday. The problem with the dunes is you can’t see what is behind them. Once you’re on the summit, you can lose control of the car and there is nothing you can do until you reach the bottom, which could cost you several minutes. This happened to us today. Fortunately, the lake was dry and we were able to pass through the thin vegetation. Today, I drove at my usual pace to avoid losing concentration. As the leader, the last kilometres of a race are not the easiest. As we get closer to the finish the tension climbs progressively.”

“Waiting position”
Yazeed Al Rajhi (Driver, MINI ALL4 Racing n°103) :

“It was a very nice special-stage today, a little faster than yesterday. But like all the special-stages since we’ve been in China, it was favoured the buggies today. We drive calmly and took fewer risks to conserve our second place in the general classification. There are 260km to go and we will see how it all goes tomorrow!”

“We have our second wind.”
Vladmir Vasiliev (driver N°101 MINI ALL4 Racing):

“There were many dunes today and a lot of sand. The Dunes were not so high, but really difficult at the end of the special. It was hard for our car to climb. We still have some energy. After the first half of the race, it has becomes easier. We have our second wind.”

“Be faster than Van Den Brink”
Airat Mardeev (Driver N°306 Kamaz):

“There were a lot off-road tracks today with some interesting sand and, as the organizers told us, the last 10 kms were very difficult. The small dunes were: viscous. If you lingered a little, you struggled and get stuck. We won the stage, driving at our pace and we didn&#39;t see anyone except for a couple of cars. We started behind Nikolaev, but then got a little behind when we had to overtake those cars. But the main thing for us is to be faster than Van Den Brink.”

“A real marathon”
Edouard Nikolaev (Driver N°310 Kamaz):

“We started first and didn&#39;t see anyone until the finish. It was a very interesting stage and it is great to get our second consecutive win. Yesterday and today’s stages were very cool. We hope that tomorrow will be more of the same - a real marathon. We still need some time to get used to the new truck, so we have to take some risks.”

“Electrical problems”
Martin Van Den Brink (Driver, Renault ‘Sherpa’ K520 n°301) :

“We got off to a really good start to the special-stage, but soon after we had some electrical problems. We had to stay behind several times to wait and re-start the engine. In these conditions it is not at all easy to maintain the pace. Tomorrow we will take it easy to assure our place on the overall podium.”