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2016 Silkway Rally - Stage14 - Wuhai > Hohhot



The right heading - 07/23/2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.18.45.png

Road section: 73 km
Special: 261 km
2nd Road section: 421 km

Cars will start the
road section at 07:00 (18:00 PST on 07/22/2016)
special at 7:20 (18:20 PST on 07/22/2016)

UTC+8 / CST (China standard time) / 15 hours ahead of current Pacific Time.
<iframe src="https://freesecure.timeanddate.com/clock/i5aa94f8/n33/tt0/tw0/tm1/ts1/tb4" frameborder="0" width="87" height="34"></iframe>


Silk Way Rally 2016. Moscow - Beijing
Official Entry List
Live Results

<iframe id="_c_" src="http://dagobah.iritrack.net/tdcom/eviewer/swr16" style="height: 700px;width:100%"></iframe>[/parsehtml]


This will be the last day of racing any specials. The next day we only have one large liaison towards the podium in Beijing.

Dirty Harry

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I'm not sure which stage this was, but Karginov rolled his Kamaz hard in the dunes:
That was pretty early in the race but I had not seen any photos. Can you imagine rolling in one of those things? It would be like being inside a building that is collapsing!


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Wish there were a handful of these trucks racing in North America...given the WRC style tracks they run in the Dakar, SW, and other FIA Rally-Raid events, it really isn't much of a stretch for them to compete here

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