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2016 Silkway Rally - Stage3 - Ufa > Kistanay



Towards Kostanay oblast - 07/11/2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 19.44.25.png

Road section: 343 km
Special: 200 km
2nd Road section: 272 km

Cars will start the
road section at 05:45 (19:45 PST on 07/10/2016)
special at 10:50 (00:50 PST on 07/11/2016)

UTC+3 / MSK (Moscow standard time) / 10 hours ahead of current Pacific Time.
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Silk Way Rally 2016. Moscow - Beijing
Official Entry List

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E. Araiza

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Cyril Despres and David Castera set best time on Stage 3, Ufa-Kostanay, to take the overall lead of the 2016 Silk Way Rally.

What to remember :

Despres and Castera take stage win and overall lead
Puncture slows Peterhansel and Cottret
Karginov to the top of the truck order

Akmola’s Track
The Silk Way Rally made its first border crossing of 2016 on Monday from Ufa in eastern Russia to Kostanay in Kazakhstan. Cyril Despres and co-driver David Castera in their Peugeot DKR 2008 set best time over the 200.43km special stage to take the overall lead in the car category, a first for the former motorcycle ace.

Yazeed Mohamed Al Rahji and Timo Gottschalk in the MINI ALL4 RACING finished second at 02’40” behind and are now 02’37” adrift of the leaders, while Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena were the second best Peugeot on the day clocking in at 04’14’ to the leaders and to sit third in the general classification at 04’10”.Fourth on the stage was Russia’s Vladimir Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhiltsov, who also had to stop to change a tyre, at 05’15” in their MINIALL4 Racing. They are fourth overall at 06’40”. Evgeny Firsov and Vadim Filatov in a Toyota Pickup rounded out the top five at 06’3” and head to stage 4, fifth overall at 7’37”.

Stéphane Peterhansel and Jean-Paul Cottret suffered a puncture early in the stage, immobilizing their Peugeot DKR 2008 for three minutes. Later, a slow puncture obliged them to slow their pace. The discipline’s most heralded crew finished 8 th overall at 9 minutes to the leaders and are now 8 th overall at 08’52”.

Aleksandr Terentiev and Alexey Berkut took the top honours in the T2 category. The Russian Ford F150 duo was joined in the top three by the Australian entry of Adrian Di Lallo and Hiroaki Suzuki in an Isuzu D-Max and the Franco-Japanese crew of Akira Miura and Laurent in a Toyota VDJ 200. Andrey Karginov gave Kamaz its first stage with a 1’36” margin of victory from Siarhei Viazovich to lead the MAZ 5309RR by 1’27” in the truck general classification. Edouard Nikolaev was third in the ‘retro nose’ Kamaz 43509 at 1’44” and is close behind in third overall. Airat Mardeev made it three Russian big rigs in the top four at 2’12” to Karginov, while stage 1 victor, Martin Van Den Brink rounded out the top five on the day, 4’28” back to the stage winner, and 4’16” overall. Akmola’s Track

E. Araiza

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Results of Stage 3:

General positions after stage 3:

1. DESPRES Cyril (AND) / CASTERA David (AND) Peugeot 2008 DKR 1h58m24s
2. AL RAHJI Yazeed Mohamed (SAU) / GOTTSCHALK Timo (DEU) Mini ALL4 Racing 2h01m01s + 2m37s
3. LOEB Sébastien (FRA) / ELENA Daniel (MCO) Peugeot 2008 DKR 2h02m34s + 4m10s
4. VASILYEV Vladimir (RUS) / ZHILTSOV Konstantin (RUS) Mini ALL4 Racing 2h03m35s + 5m11s
5. FIRSOV Evgeny (RUS) / FILATOV Vadim (RUS) Toyota Pickup Track 2h05m04s + 6m40s
6. RAKHIMBAYEV Aidyn (KAZ) / NIKOLAEV Anton (RUS) Mini ALL4 Racing 2h06m01s + 7m37s 7
7. HAN Wei (CHN) / GARCIN Jean-Pierre (FRA) SMG ORC 2h06m02s + 7m38s 8
8. PETERHANSEL Stéphane (FRA) / COTTRET Jean-Paul (FRA) Peugeot 2008 DKR 2h07m16s + 8m52s 9
9. HUNT Harry (GBR) / SCHULZ Andras (DEU) Mini ALL4 Racing 2h07m30s + 9m06s
10. PELICHET Jérôme (FRA) / DECRE Eugenie (FRA) Toyota Hilux 2h10m58s + 12m34s

E. Araiza

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Loeb quote from facebook:
"The special of the day if is overall well spent even if it wasn't all simple. 3th time in the end, congratulations to Cyril Despres who signs the best time. We ended up quickly enough to open the road and to make the trail. The Navigation was not necessarily easy, with a lot of grass high. We gardened a bit at a few times, but nothing amazing, and there were a few traps on the wet grass. On the end, we have also had a bit the dust of another competitor.
The ‪#‎silkwayrally‬ is shaping up as a test. For us, this style of landscape and the environment, it is very new. The Peugeot 2008 Dkr worked well and we got pleasure at the wheel so it goes. We arrived in Kazakhstan and we must deal with the jet lag, + 3 H of a sudden. The evening is going to be short, tomorrow we leave early :)"


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Klaus and Araiza, you guys rock! The stage details and photos are awesome and its nice to be able to go to one place for all the information (and good pictures) on the days stage. 3 stages down, 12 to go!


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a Little water, a little dirt...terrain does seem a bit similar to the WRC style tracks of recent Dakars..


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Holy crap...that #173 Chinese jalopy-mobile is in 31st overall?? How is that possible??



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I've been seeing lots of photos of it. It is certainly attracting attention. I'd love to read a write up about it.

cant give you much write up, but its space frame with a LS3 pushed back behind front axle. The quality is erm... strange to say the least. The door fell off one of these at scruteneering. Inside its got fake wooden trim on dashboard, tinted windows and a sticker replicating an LCD screen in front of the driver.

and the looks is a really bad copy of the chinese state limo.

chinese also brought a chinese copy of a Toyota Hi Lux from Overdrive. Lambo doors, some of the most uneven panels I have seen - not sure what was the powerplant. We also heard in the biv that out of 6 Mitsubishi Evos(the ones that became Ford HRX) only 2 are original and rest are copycat chinese versions. We've even seen Chinese Reiger shocks...