2017 Baja Rally Support

Baja Dad

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2017 Baja Rally Support
I am working on a program to support (10) racers at the 2017 Baja Rally
You can Ship your bike to my shop or we can meet in Baja
The Support Package will consist of
Bivouac support
Shared mechanic
Transport of your bike to and from the event in Mexico
Transport (1) small gear bag or box ( 24"x16"x14" )
Transport a few spare sets of (your) supplied wheels or tires
(I can supply a few wheel sets** if needed )
Miscellaneous fluids/chemicals
Please bring your own motor oil, oil filters, (4) clean air filters, and spare parts/consumables
Rally spec Tents and Ground mats and other misc.-camping equipment and snacks
(bring your own sleeping bag) Meals are not included
We will have plenty of chairs and a few canopies for your use
A Baja Dad Race Prep Rally team T-shirt
I will also carry some Rally Parts and a few spare Tires** and BIB inserts** in case of emergency
Discounted price on Sponsor Products : Example IMS racing, Seat Concepts, GPR Stabilizers,Bib Inserts, and Much Much more.............

I may have 1 or 2 ***Rental bikes so you could do a Fly and Ride

With special arrangement made ahead of time
** YOU can be picked up at the San Diego airport and transported to and from the event
(Space is Limited)

*** Please contact me asap if you want to try a Fly and Ride

** additional cost
Extras used at the event will be billed to your CC after the event

If you would like more info please send me a PM
or Email me at bajadadraceprep@att.net