2017 BITD Parker 425 Presented by Impact..... Pit 4 Mineral Wash


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In 2.5 weeks-ish, the Parker 425 will be upon us once again. And once again, I will be the Pitler/Hostess/Chefette up there. I just got off the phone with Lee of Banning Motorsports and he is once again graciously donating the best chicken and carne asada I've ever had - anyone who was up there with me last year I'm sure will agree. It's a great time up there - breathtaking scenery, you get to see the cars at speed, see old friends and make new ones. I'm actually looking for a corn hole game to bring up - if anyone has one that's sending someone up there, that would be awesome!!

So with that said, for the teams sending a crew up there, anyone who is going to join us for the day and our feast is more than welcome - everyone is invited. If they like, they can bring a little something/sides to go along with dinner, but it's not expected - their attendance at dinner is ;) Racers, time your pit stop for some tacos to go!! Last year after dinner we even had an impromptu cooking class with a Checkers member about how to make peanut brittle and he had some with him - I ate the whole bag LOL. And then there's those ginormous cookies.... oh and brownies mmm mmm mmmm.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Tech - The Legacy Lives On...


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Sweet. Thanks so much for coordinating and setting up the grub. Makes my packing effort much simpler. I'll bring a delicious side.

I do agree it is one of my favorite pits. Beautiful scenery. Full speed race course. And everyone gets their own port-a-john.

See you there.


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Thanks for the heads up. Not sure our pit assignment yet but if it is Mineral wash we will bring some side dish to match with it.