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2017 F1 Predictions


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So some big changes coming for 2017.

Engines-Teams will no longer use development tokens for engines. Teams will be allowed 4 different engines during the year. This could allow some of the 2nd and 3rd tier teams to make some drastic changes to their engine programs mid-season. Its anybody's guess what happens. Renault and Ferrari are excited about their engine programs, Mercedes can only get better. I anticipate more engine failures as significant design changes are expected among manufacturers.

Aero/Tires- Wider tires and less aero grip coming for 2017. I anticipate RB to handle these the best. These guys are aero masters, but who knows how hard Merc was actually pushing in 2016. Maybe they had more speed in the tank. No need to show your hand when you're the class of the field. Its anticipated cars will become more aero reliant which won't help passing(some dispute this).

Open Seat: This is still a big unknown, despite the rumors. Lots of competent drivers out there. It will be interesting if it is a 1 year contract or something more substantial. Some big talents will be coming available in 2018 and signing a long-term contract may not make sense for Merc.

Merica-What will come of the American team? Glad to see Gutierrez out of there, unimpressive season from him. I wonder what power unit Ferrari will provide to them. I think they ran a 2015 Ferrari engine in 2016 (could be mistaken). Its just too young of a team to try and predict off-season improvements.

What do you think will happen?


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I think it will kind of be tough for Haas to keep up with still such a young program and so many changes.

On another note Haas lost so much time in the pits this year. Watching stop after stop of them being 1 or 2 seconds a stop slower and how many times did the finish p11 or p12? Easily could of been in the points on nearly every weekend. In mid pack it could take 10 laps to make up the time they were losing in the pits.


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I think Haas's biggest issue is brakes. If they can figure that out they will be ok. I think they had 2016 power this year, but their updates came slower than Ferrari's.


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Yes, brakes were a huge issue this year. Went back and read some articles. HAAS went to the '16 spec engine in Spain. Excited to see what leaps the team makes this year. 9 times Grosjean finished 11-14th. They are now also eligible for prize money, I wonder if that will have any effect?


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Just Racing Services LTD that run the manor team have gone into administration that's one team that may not been starting in 2017 season.


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Bottas to Mercedes and Massa out of retirement and back with Williams. No big surprise there.

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New Renault Debuts in about 16 hours.

I like the look of the Sauber.
Williams looks the same as last year.
I think Manor closed shop
Based on what we know from last year, I can't disagree @07FJRog I'll wait until the end of the first Q3 to make my guesses. Lots of changes this offseason.
Has anyone done a fantasy F1 league before? I'll setup an RDZ one if others are interested and will play all season.

Only 33 days until the lights go out. I can't wait.


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Matt, I think the Force India color scheme maybe ugliest in the field.

Here's the Renault.

It will be interesting to see what aero design changes they show up to the grid with. These PR photos often don't have the final specs to avoid competitors stealing designs.

I really hope CSJ has a good year and can find a top ride in '18.
Excited to see what Mclaren, Renault, Haas, and Force India did this offseason.
I believe the big 3 will finish Merc, RB and Ferrari in 3rd. With Hamilton winning another championship.


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The new Haas car looks pretty good! (colors)

Hopefully they will have a better season this year. The tall winglet on the Mercedes is interesting to say the least!

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In general I have nothing against Mercedes, but if when we come to Australia they are magically 1s faster than everybody else, we will have a problem. I know we shouldn't read anything into the lap times during testing, but to me, it looks (hopefully) more closer between the teams at the top this year.

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