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All LOORRS Teams,

I am reminding everyone that we have not mandated a time, nor do we have a time in mind, with regards to the mandated use of EFI in Pro2 - Pro4 or the Lucas OEM ProLite Engine (LOPE LS3) ProLite Engine platform. The stated rule DOES allow for the approved LOPE LS3 engine and/or EFI engine systems to compete in 2017. It DOES NOT state when these rules become mandatory. You can continue to use your current engine platform, as stated in some of the handouts that were given to the teams in prior meetings.

We also mentioned this in our rulebook - in the last two sentences, under PRT-25 Fuel Injection - which states the following to the Pro 2 and Pro 4 Teams;

All teams that choose to run a Carburetor will be required to run a LOORRS approved catch can system for fire safety. LOORRS is not implementing a program to phase out carburetors at this time. The ProLite Rules state that; All teams would have the option to continue to use the current engine package through the phase in period so no one would be forced to spend money until they are ready or until the current engine is worn out and needs replacement. Again, we want to insure everyone that there are no timelines established as to when you must change over to any form of these approved engines or systems.

Teams, please share your thoughts or concerns with me at anytime. Everyone that has taken the time to speak directly with me concerning the implementation of these new rules has been able to leave our conversation with the correct understanding of our intentions. Please go out and dust off your race trucks and come have some fun and enjoy everything that Lucas Oil and our Team Lucas partners provide for the short course community. Also, please help us to share some news. The 2017 TV airings will reflect as much and in some cases, more Television airings, as we head into the new season. We are going to make this especially true, with regards to the single day shows at Wild West Motorsports Park and Glen Helen Raceway Park. The award winning staff at Lucas Oil Studios is working hard to come up with some really creative shows that will increase team and sponsor exposure at all LOORRS events.

We offer our sincere thanks to every team within LOORRS.


Ritchie Lewis
Series Director - Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

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