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2017 Mint 400 Documentary Airs This Sunday at 1pm PST / 4pm EST


What youtube channel will it be on?
It will be on the "The Mint 400" channel. The Mint 400

I caught the broadcast "live" on Sunday on NBC Sports (their advertisers got some coin out of my eyeballs). What a fantastic day of racing all around! Pikes Peak, Indycar, NASCAR, F1, and The Mint 400! Awesome day. I'm really looking forward to rewatching the coverage on YT. Very cool of you guys to arrange to share the entire feed +20 bonus minutes with the off-road racing community.

People may just be a little peeved that they were told it would be up in 24 hours (from the 25th), but it's yet to be posted. To them (primarily the dudes on the FB Mint 400 page, not the awesome crew here on Race-Dezert) I say, have some patience and you're not paying a dime, so go find something productive to do in the meantime. To the Martelli Bros, remember the creed of under promise and over deliver. Love you work and I can't wait to share the YT video with others who have yet to experience the magic that is THE MINT 400!!!


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liked that all the classes got time, great for all them and shows most classes of the sport (wished there was some bikes), and a lil story for each class.
It being a longer show it kept you watching and not bored. Just need to figure out how get more racing and action footage. Seems the old tv shows always had a car racing footage. Hard to balance all that and get all the classes starting and finishing and info that goes with it. Great job and thanks for showing and a story for all classes.


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Watched it over the weekend, Good job Mad Media! Great mix of racing action and coverage, as well as the backgrounds of a few of the top competitors. I think having the background stories on competitors helps get the "broader spectrum" of viewers interested in the show.