2017 - MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge


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Well this one looks to be a big race without the big payout or bonus. LoL

I like it!!!

So much for some guys saying money attracts the racer...



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Biggest class in the race. That's great.

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Well I hope car count stay like that. Should be getting going on finishing car soon hoping to be racing next race or caliente if it turns out like this one. Hoping the two heat races are not the main reason for higher count

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Had a great day out there with the wife, cruised around in the rhino and watched the race here and there. Got to meet tyler and b.s. with Tim and Richard from 11 brothers racing. We are trying to get our new to me 9 car out for the may race Pete


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Congrats to Tyler on the win. and the rest of the group. fun race. Race trash get the car done and come out . it was nice to see you.


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saw harley go by us at 92mph around mile 18. awesome to see a 9er do well in a big buggy! does anyone know if he will be driving his old car or team caudal car at all?


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Caudill car is for sale. Great car if anybody is looking for a 2 seater

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