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2017 NORRA First Aid / Trauma Response Overview Course


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Teams headed to the 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000:

A project I was working on for my team and the teams traveling with me from Texas has grown into an opportunity for all racers and their teams headed to Baja for this event.

There will be a basic First Aid and Trauma Response course offered for everyone at no charge to you, your team, or NORRA. NORRA has graciously allowed the course to be held in the Riviera Convention Center Theater Friday and Saturday.

It will cover basic first aid and trauma response to provide some knowledge of procedure as a first responder (before professional medical staff arrives) to an accident related to our sport. It is not a certification type course, meaning you will not receive a certification at the end of the course, but it is being taught by a qualified professional in the EMT / Medical field. It will be an entertaining course which will provide information that may assist in lessening an injury or even saving a life. I encourage everyone to attend.

It is voluntary and open to all Race/Chase teams AT NO COST TO YOU!

Thank you to NORRA for allowing this to happen!

Riviera Convention Center Theater - Ensenada

Friday April 21, Noon - 1 PM PST
Saturday April 22, 10 AM - 11 AM PST



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Very cool and great offer....
As an ICU RN & WIlderness EMT there are lots of times folks could have been better stabilized or assisted in the field. It can make a huge difference in recovery if things are done right from the first moment.
I will be there with our Team at NORRA and look forward to checking out the class.


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This is outstanding as my wife is a first aid CPR instructor and I am a Fire Chief. This type of assistance to everybody is critical and should be taken advantage of. Well done my friend.


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Bump! Lets have a good turn out for this course!


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For the first time of putting on something like this I'd call it a success.

Friday was slow but on Saturday we had over 60 people in attendance. The information covered received positive remarks from current and former EMTs who are on race teams. I'd like to thank everyone who helped make this happen including a big thanks to Jennifer Coleman with NORRA.

Megan was invited back to host the same program next year with better advertising and she is looking forward to developing new and better programs for racers.

We will be continuing to work on this type of education and help spread some knowledge!