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2017 RECORD 250

Who is heading down to the RECORD 250 this weekend?

Lot's of good affordable Mexican races happening all the time.

We had a blast racing last year.

Here is our story of racing last year:

Last year, I raced the RECORD 250 Ensenada to San Felipe with Justin Park in his Bilstein #7147 truck and was amazed at the capability of these vehicles, especially for the cost. If you want to go off-road racing without spending a fortune, the 7100 truck class is the way to go. American off-road racing was forged in garages and backyards by car enthusiasts and grease monkeys all over the country who modified stock trucks and made them into stronger and more reliable race vehicles. No class represents this spirit of “do-it-yourself” racing better than the 7100 class.

Racing the 2016 RECORD 250 - race-deZert.com


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Give Marco Carmona (tech inspector) a hug for me. Awesome guy got to race with him and will again at this years 1000.