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2017 Sonora Rally


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Third edition of the Sonora Rally Set to take place March 21-24, 2017

Building on the success of the first two editions of the Sonora Rally, organizers Scott Whitney and Darren Skilton have announced the dates for the 2017 edition. Registration will take place on March 20th in the resort town of Puerto Penasco, Sonora, MX. The rally is set to get underway, with an all-new stage, on the morning of Tuesday, March 21.

Continuing the Sonora Rally theme of introducing new and uncharted terrain in the state of Sonora, the all new stage will be an incredible treat for rally racers and will finish at a beach front bivouac. The equally impressive Stage 2 will see the rally return to Puerto Penasco for the night.

The last two stages will be run over the spectacular dunes that the Sonora Rally has now become famous for. Stage 3 will finish at our traditional Altar Desert bivouac, with our local chefs preparing our renowned dinner under the stars. Stage 4 will be the final test and give competitors the chance to experience one of the great dune stages that exists in rally raid today.

Awards ceremony and closing party are scheduled for the evening of Friday, March 24th in San Luis Rio Colorado, with all of our friends who have helped make the first editions of the rally so special.

The Sonora Rally is open to UTV’s, motorcycles and cars (2wd and 4wd). More details will follow in the coming weeks. Entries will open Oct. 1st at www.sonorarally.com.

Schedule of Events

March 20th
· Registration and Tech Inspections in Puerto Penasco
· Rally School
· Rider/Drivers Briefing

March 21st
· Stage 1 Puerto Penasco to Bivouac Beach

March 22nd
· Stage 2 Bivouac Beach to Puerto Penasco

March 23rd
· Stage 3 Puerto Penasco to San Luis Rio Colorado

March 24th
· Stage 4 San Luis Rio Colorado to San Luis Rio Colorado
· Awards Ceremony and closing party in San Luis Rio Colorado

Dirty Harry

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After checking Crandon off my bucket list this past weekend I am definitely putting the Sonora Rally on my calendar. I heard nothing but good things about the 2016 edition of the rally.

Hog Wild

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I need some help finding technical rules and determining what kind of vehicle fits into what class.
Here is the "Rules" page from last year:
I took it off the website menu because we haven't settled those details for the 2017 race, but most should stay the same as listed there now.


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2017 Sonora Rally Entries Set to Open Oct. 1st

For those of you thinking of entering the rally here is some more entry information. Due to the logistics of this 4 day cross country rally the Sonora Rally will be limited to 50 total entries. We will be offering a discounted entry fee for the first 20 competitors during the month of October. Regular entry fees start Nov. 1st.

Discounted Entry period: Oct. 1st-31st for first 20 entries
· Bikes/Quads: $2,175
· Cars/UTV: $2,475
Regular Entry period: Nov. 1-Jan 31st
· Bikes/Quads: $2,475
· Cars/UTV: $2,775
Late Entry period: Feb. 1st March 20th
· Bikes:/Quads $2,675
· Cars/UTV: $2,975

Entry fees include:
· Event insurance ($550)
· Land Use Fees ($100)
· Road Books
· Satellite Tracking unit
· Live Timing and Scoring
· 2 nights in Bivouac

Refund schedule:
Oct 1st-December 31st: Entry fee refunded minus $400 admin fee
Jan 1st –Feb. 28th: 50% refund
No refunds after March 1st

Bivouac Meals: $140 per person
· 3 breakfasts and 4 dinners including awards Dinner (awards $40 if purchased separately)

Like last year there will be a volunteer sign up page that we encourage anyone who wishes to be a part of the rally to fill out. We need sweep crews and vehicles, checkpoint workers and road crossing crews.

We will have a media sign up form as well. As the course is secret you have to register in order for us to provide detailed maps to the best photo points on each stage.

All competitors will need to carry a sat phone during competition. All numbers must be provided to the organizers at registration.

We will have the latest state of art tracking system from Europe this year. Stella 3 by Anube. This proven system will be in use at several other events in Mexico in the coming year and will be the new standard. This one unit will allow you to compete in the rally with no other accessories and is included as part of the event (we strongly encourage the use of an additional dedicated odometer like ICO, RallyComp,Terratrip etc.).
Features include:
· Live Tracking
· Odometer with distance and speed
· LED screen to give warning messages to riders and drivers on the fly
· Audible alarm
· Push to pass
· Stopped bike or vehicle alert
· SOS alert
· Live Timing and Scoring
· Live Waypoint/VCP verification
· Speed Zone alert and verification
· Competitors must purchase mounting bracket, antenna and wiring package. Details to follow

Look forward to seeing you at Expo this weekend if you have any questions!


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We're in again! Signed up at 1am! Wait til you see the Schildkrote "tortoise" this year...it's being re-christened to "feuerspeiende schildkrote aus der holle - fire breathing tortoise from hell"!

That is being made possible by our latest team member from Norway - yes, it's true - drumroll ... We have Dieselmeken on board!

The beach bivouac sounds awesome! Racing the tide again make me nervous, again...

This is gonna be fun.


Hog Wild

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We have been scouting a whole new area to expand the terrain you'll see. We found some more super cool roads, including some stuff that it seems time has forgotten. When we ran this section of road, it looked like nobody had driven it in years. Sonora offers a whole new off-road experience!


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You handed our #%\$& to us in a basket last year, imploded half the vehicles, nearly destroyed the rest, and gave the best food, scenery and parties one could imagine... And I have no doubt that you guys will deliver again...

For the rest of the guys who were there last year; you gonna be there?


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Congrats to James Opel for being the first to enter the 2017 Sonora Rally. Really glad you guys are coming back along with the Jergensen family. I think Dave Sykes was angling to be the first entry but had problems trying to register while in Europe, at least that is what the test at 3am said. Thanks for that Dave :). The car field is already looking healthy!

Hog Wild

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Sonora has some amazing isolated beaches. This is Quinn Cody and Ivan Ramirez leading Stage 4 this year. The stage had 40 miles of Beach Bliss, going far beyond where the eye can see!