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2017 Sonora Rally

Hog Wild

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Today was a gnarly day. This photo from #19 Radek Burkat captures the essence of what they went through all day today. The bikes did nearly 100 miles of this, and the cars a bit less, without GPS tracks or roads to follow. Amazing!

Dirty Harry

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Ricky Brabec won on bikes and Mark Samuels came in second. Make also secured the Dakar Challenge entry. Andrew Short came in third in bikes.

Eric Pucelick edged out the Jergensens to take the four wheel/car victory after the Jergensens rolled HARD on Stage Four. Kyle posted the in cab video on his Instagram page and it is bonkers.

Dave Sykes repeated in the UTV class after Jake Povey dropped out in Stage Four with mechanical woes. The UTVs started strong but seemed to reach their limits in the dunes.

Hopefully that helps, full results to follow shortly.

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Pee Wee

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Congratulations to all the finishers-2 in four wheel I guess.
Also congrats to the entire Sonora Rally team for pulling off such a great event.
I am completely on board for next year.

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Dirty Harry

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I had a great time at the Sonora Rally! Last year circumstances did not allow me to go, but I am already making plans to go back next year. I wasn't competing, but I did think that this event gives people a taste of what Dakar is like. Long days and challenging navigation, but at the end of the day you get camaraderie with your fellow competitors around an amazing meal.