2018 51st SCORE Baja 1000 Race Week Thread - Map, live video, tracking, updates, discussion, etc.


He drove a heck of race from the start. Congrats to him. I have been a big fan of the UTV's since they have come on to the scene. Amazed at some of finishes and races they have had over the years. But....IMO, they are not really UTV's anymore, other than the engines. The builds on these are on par with any buggy out there, with far bigger tires and suspensions than ever anticipated. Most "look" like class 10's now. The budget is near or more than the same for a class 10. Far stretch from the factory "stock" UTV's that started years ago. As with most classes....things evolve. But still, do amazing considering the engines, and the criticism in the beginning when everyone said the "golf carts" could never finish or keep up. And the factory and aftermarket support is 2nd to none compared to other classes. I would also say they are here to stay and have made a statement when they make up nearly 1/5th of the field. 49 out of 285 total entries.
Well said. I've always followed desert racing, not as closely as i do now but have always been a fan. I never paid attention to the UTV's. Then in '16 bought one for personal use. That's when i started following them in racing. Then a friend and i thought maybe we should start a program and give this a try, has to be cheaper than racing boats or drag cars. Then i blinked and before you know it teams had full up chassis builds, and it evolved to where the class is now. Which sadly is more than we want to spend. It still is fun watching though, and someday we might make it down to Baja.

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What did Bryce do to deserve a 15 minute penalty at the finish line?!
Bryce came around the final corner way too hot and took out the fence on the outside of the turn and at least one spectator. Pretty much a slap on the wrist after what SCORE did to the winning bike team last year when the rider pulled a bonehead move on the finish ramp and injured someone.

There is no way Bryce thought he was on the podium at that point. Going through that corner under control would not have cost but a fraction of a second. But he threw caution to the wind.

On the other hand, SCORE should not allow spectators in that spot if they are not going to enforce a speed zone. And spectators should never stand on the outside of a corner.

I also do not know who was driving the truck at that point, but assume it was Bryce.


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really #7?, has nothing been learned over the last few years? Just another example of how this sport can possibly disappear in one dumb move.


I was checking out a UTV turbo and its not difficult to see where the costs for a truely competitive UTV can go up very quickly.

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It all came down to that section after San felepe. All silt. Took the truck we were chasing 6 hours to get through. 4 wheel drive (aka UTV) was a HUDGE HUDGE HUDGE advantage in that section.

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Popcorn out for the inevitable multiple hour long in-car footage videos that will start popping up on youtube. The baja 1000 is the gift that keeps on giving.


Does anyone have pics or video of the silt beds ? I'd like to see how bad they were to give so many cars a hard time. And how crazy they would be at night.

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Zac Reish

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Any body have the black class 5 unlimited 524 Swift team approaching and jumping the monster jump at the start? I kept telling everyone I’m gonna go for it off the jump. That was a heart pounding moment and a dream come true all at the same time.


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I'd say he earned it.

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Total bonehead move. We finished right in front of him and saw the whole thing. Lucky somone wasn’t killed. Keep that crap up and the entire section to Ojos will turn into a speed zone!


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Armchair quarterbacks and hindsight, but
if not for Rob Mac's aggressive highway move, which happened less than 200 miles into the race,
they would have beat all 2 and 4 wheel vehicles. Surprising.