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2018 Can Am XRS suspension set up??


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Hey guys. Just brought home a 2018 Can Am xrs and wondering how you desert guys set up the suspension?? Seems more rough than it should be.. any suggestions??

Total Loss

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Buy a Wildcat XX...ha..ha.
They do need some help- start with a spring setup.
Personally...I would go with Shock Therapy...if they can send you the right ones.
They sent a set of 2 seater springs to one of the guys in our crew and he had a 4 seater.
They changed them for him at Glamis over the weekend.

ST springs are my next mod.


Where does one begin with the Can-Am upgrades...??? Coil springs is probably first. Then radius rods. Then the rear hub if you drive hard/fast. Belt cover. Spare tire. It really snowballs quick. After you change the coil springs and get the ride height fixed you'll probably need some shock work. It's really easy to spend $10k fixing the short comings of the stock design for Baja use. Glamis use might be easier on parts so I can't speak from experience on what needs to be fixed for the dunes. For Baja these cars need lots of work to remain reliable.


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Does any one have a real life comparison between SDG and Tom Morris's set up? I am getting ready to build mine and having a hard time deciding.


I just got mine done from Tom Morris and the car is outstanding. I have been racing off road cars for 30 years and this upgrade really makes the car awesome. It improves the full range of travel. I highly recommend UTVshocks.


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I went with SDG on mine. Did a 1400 mile run to Cabo in my 4 seater and they worked awesome.


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Aloha what company do you suggest to look for accessories for the Can Am in So Cal? Also if one were to looking to buy one in Nevada or Arizona the best dealer and the lowest price. ( I know it's had to get both)


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Well today i bought my Can-Max turbo, bought a bunch of parts as well, still have a lot to go but a real start,pick it up the week after NORRA, bought- Alum roof-front rear bumpers-front and rear window-spare tire rack- cooler below rack (beer)-


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Forgot to finish bought bulk hear reinforcement kit-radius rod and tie rods, need wheels and tires and I am told new springs.