2018 Class 5 Schedule

Zac Reish

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We have 17 class 5 cars signed up for rage at the river this year. Super pumped to see continued and growing interest in class 5.

Jake Johnson from Jakes Fabworks has designed and built 5 beautiful and fast class 5 cars over the last 2 years. They have collected wins and podiums in every race they have been entered. If anyone is looking for a top of the line class 5 chassis I know for a fact he has a chassis ready for delivery today. I had the pleasure a few months back to help (drive a few lap) a new racer and friend Derek Pocerane get his first finish, podium, and fast lap in his JFW class 5 car. It handles better than some 10 cars I've driven.

I have been a little quiet in the last couple years and watching from the sidelines as the competition and vehicles get better and better. My car The Grinch is currently under the knife at Cole Brooks Engineering in Escondido getting updates in order to stay with the pack for the 2018 race season.

So far the first class 5 race getting a lot of votes for 2018 is the BITD Parker 425. If you own a class 5 car and plan to race a in 2018 post what races you would like to race most. We will tally the votes and post the 2018 schedule near the end of the year. There is also the class5coalition.com website where a lot of this dialogue is discussed. Check that out as well if you like.

Zac Reish

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Any talk of getting the Landers area used again as part of one of your race tracks? I think it was 3 years ago where the race started near Boone Rd and was a long lap race. By far the funnest lap track I've ever had the pleasure of racing on. Some serious variety. Please tell me one day you'll bring that back Cody. Or part of it. And by the way a rough description of what we would expect course wise would help get some MORE races on the schedule..

Thanks for all the handwork Cody and MORE.


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I'll for sure be doing Parker. And plan on the MORE night race. Still working out the rest of the race schedule. Would love to do the Mexico race but need to get paper work in order for the car before heading south of the boarder.


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I am planning on NORRA for my first race as DOR. After that, I am still working on it. Partially because I am still working on the car. The RECORD Ensenada San Felipe Race would be on my list. We have done it before, fun race. I hope they bring back the 1hr break at Via T. Makes it a fun race. Get tacos, take a leak and get back at it.

Zac Reish

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  • Thank you for the feed back. Who are you? I’d like names to reflect votes for the schedule. Thank you for posting.


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The name is Dan Higginbotham. I am the proud owner of Wendells Mortensens old class 5. A modified Crumco. I am going through the entire car, changing the motor pachage. etc. I am hoping to keep his old number too, 527.


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Cody, is the Sierra LED 250 on the 20th or should that be the 21st?
Yeah that should be the 21st. Hard to keep all the years and dates correct when BLM has you submitting everything 1 year plus in advance!

MORE 2018 Schedule

Slash X Duel in the Desert - January 27

  • Start/Finish only minutes aways from Slash X Cafe
  • 18 mile loop
  • Open Prerun
  • Limited classes run in the morning
  • Faster and Unlimited classes run in the afternoon
  • Course has a great variety of terrain, exceptionally fast for a Barstow course

Transaxle Engineering Challenge - March 17
  • Start/Finish at Outlet Center
  • 20 mile loop
  • Course loops back through Start/Finish roughly halfway through allowing race teams to see their car from main pit twice every lap
  • Open Prerun
  • Limited classes run in the morning
  • Faster classes in the afternoon
  • Much more technical terrain compared to Slash X race, Class 9 and 1600 loved the course last year, was a photogs dream with the limited cars catching great air all over the course

McKENZIE'S 250 - May 19
  • Start/Finish off Camprock road just above Anderson Dry Lake
  • 30 mile loop
  • 1 Remote Pit
  • Open Prerun
  • Split Heats: (limiteds in the morning, faster classes in the afternoon)
  • Lucerne area features faster but softer/siltier terrain compared to barstow
  • Good fast racing with silt beds developing as the day goes on

Sierra LED 250 - July 21
  • Start/Finish off Outlet Center
  • MORE's Annual Night Race
  • Race start 1.5 hrs before dark so that all classes can get 1 lap in before relying on the lights
  • 30-40 mile loop
  • 1 Remote Pit
  • Course loops back through Start/Finish roughly halfway through allowing race teams to see their car from main pit twice every lap
  • Course features very fun terrain in the college heights featuring multiple razorback ridge line runs
  • Not the old beat up heights that was ran the same direction for 15 years.

PCI Race Radios 300 - September 29
  • Start/Finish off Camprock Rd jus above Anderson Dry Lake
  • 50 mile loop
  • 1 Remote Pit
  • Open Prerun
  • Lots of high speed runs, very fast terrain
  • Last years course featured only a handful of down (caution) arrows
  • Even though it was the fastest course of the year by far, a 10 car did overall the race in 2017.

SNORE/MORE Rage at the River - December 7-9
  • Two day race in Laughlin, Nevada
  • Over 400 entries in 2017
  • Huge Payback Purses nearing $100,000 total in 2017
  • Qualifying on Friday for classes with 15+ entries
  • Entries are split into 6 different heats on race days
  • Unforgettable racing experience
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