2018 Winter LeDuc Swapmeet


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Thank you Curt for your efforts to get us back on pavement. And flat ground. Well lit for the most part.

Another big plus, although it was pretty chilly ( mids 20's ), there was minimal wind. Unlike at Morongo where everybody comes home wind chapped.

Also treated to a mini airshow both days, as well as the sounds from the sand drags.

A down side I heard mentioned : Sunday AM there was a group of ladies commenting that the porta potties were out of toilet paper, and also needed to be emptied.

Thank you for your continuing hard work, looking forward to seeing it grow .


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Thank you Curt and staff for another incredible Off Road swap meet. The turn out of sellers and buyers was A perfect match. The location is much better then past. I also liked the way you let buyers in early and chose to shut the lights off at 1:00am. It gave us sellers who needed a 5 hour nap / break a chance to reset and be ready for the new group of buyers ready at 6:00M. That should be the new schedule instead of selling through the night. A+ for the event.

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Jerry Zaiden

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Wow this years sale was huge! Thank you Curt for organizing this your a legend!


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Although the porta-potties were full I opted to take a morning stroll to the casino to use the facilities and the walk wasn't bad. It's nice that the casino was close and you could get out of the elements for a while if you chose to.

Had a great time doing some catching up with old friends and doing a bit of haggling. Thanks as always Curt!


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I was 100 feet away and still never made it through there this weekend. Great job Curt. Looked like an amazing turnout from my point of view!