2019 Baja 400 Incar Camera (4 Hours of Footage!)

Christian Sourapas

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Hey guys,

Here is over 4 hours of raw, unedited incar footage of the physically leading Trophy Truck at this year's Baja 400. Brett and I were super excited to finally get the opportunity tor ace with each other in a Trophy Truck. We had a lot of success racing with each other in 6100, but college and life got in the way and separated us for a few years. Unfortatley, Brett (who drove flawlessly without making any mistakes and was in perfect position to hand over the truck to me in 2 miles) lost rear brakes, causing the truck to understeer into a fast, slick right hander. Brett did the best he could but couldn't manage to stop the truck in to and slid off a mild cliff and put the truck on the roof, ending our race.

It was definitely a punch in the gut for us because we still consider ourselves a "low budget" Trophy Truck team, so you guys would understand how much time, money, resources, personal, planning, prerunning, and energy goes in to running a successful Baja program. It was also our first time racing our own truck down in Mexico (which was a huge dream come true for Brett and I, something we talked about when we were in diapers). We were running up front with the best in the sport and it was an extremely humbling experience for Brett and I to be able to have the honor of racing against our childhood hero's in Andy McMillin, Rob Mac, Robby Gordon, etc.

We will be back in 2020, hopefully. We are extremely fortunate to have some success come our way in the past 12 months, but also some of our biggest struggles have come in this time as well. Everybody that reaches out to us to tell us that they still believe in us and have been rooting for us throughout our careers, we can't say thank you enough. It means the world to both Brett and I and simple messages of encouragement and positivity go an extremely long way with us.

I hope you guys like the video, and definitely give suggestions/feedback/comments on content you would like to see from Brett and I in the future.

Cheers, Christian Sourapas



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Cant wait to sit down tomorrow and watch.


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That was human poop on camera lens at minute 2:45.
Great recording..

jon coleman

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brake failure Sucks, i got to enjoy it at holtville in turn 5( loose bleeder ), luckly it was in practice, and airport runways are Long, back in the pits Dave Turner says , yup, that happens, it aint good , bad , right or wrong, its simply reality, be prepared to leave your baby here in a smoldering heap, just deal with it positivly( paraphrase), glad it was just a mild cliff for your team, remember, always drive to a mechanical empathy!!, ie think,' what if brakes fail here??, what are my options, ?,go fast when you can , slow when u must..bk1 will be a real racer's test;)


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really enjoyed the Mikes footage (after the pit)...the "stop" guy at the pit needs some more training.


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Why did they move the start from Estero? Starting in town is such a joke. I get why but the fans know where the zone ends. Did you notice how empty it was in the beginning. Bring it back to Estero and get rid of the speed zone.


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the last time i saw that much clean i was on the wrong road
We wasted a great opportunity for sure with no dust. The only issue with the 10 minute delay for the 2nd truck at the start was he had no one to pace our self with so we went way to conservative. We got our first split time after our first pit at RM 140. Boys just don't have enough experience yet to know the pace in Baja. It will come.