2019 BOR Wendover 250 - ***PICS, results, payouts***


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We had a great time at the Bonneville OffRoad Racing Wendover 250 this year. Nearly 40 cars and 125 bikes made for a great day! If you've never been out to a BOR event, please come check one out next year. Lots of fun, family, and a pretty casual atmosphere.

Full results can be seen on MotoTally, and yes the top winners in each class DID win back their entry fees plus a little gas money. Not bad for a little org with virtually no sponsors!

Car/Truck/SXS results

Moto Results

Lots of great pics by Christopher Baker: Christopher Baker Race Pics




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Thanks for a great event! Glad we (1985) got a belt and Jon didn’t have to take a shot in the mouth. Getting the finish with a few minutes to spare was a helluva way to wrap up an otherwise amazing season. We were a rookie race team coming in with first, third and 4th place finishes, so barely making the time limit on this one brought us back to reality a little. Time to get prepping for next year!