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2019 NORRA Live Video and race updates thread

Curtis Guise

Here's the live video for the 2019 NORRA race. Anyone feel free to post updates or info about the race here in this thread.

Click here for tracking - Anube Sports

Event schedule:
  • April 26th-27th: Tech/contingency
  • April 28th: Ensenada – San Felipe
  • April 29th: San Felipe – Guerro Negro (Motos), San Felipe – Bahia de Los Angeles (4-wheel)
  • April 30th: Guerro Negro / Bahia de Los Angeles – Loreto
  • May 1st: Loreto – La Paz
  • May 2nd: La Paz – San Jose del Cabo (Finish)
  • May 3rd: Awards ceremony in San Jose del Cabo

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Kevin Smith & Johnny Kaiser (El Monte friends, who were friends w/Robby Gordon) raced a '85 Chenowth. Kevin helped me with gas $$, so off I went to NORRA 1000..!

[ Johnny was Robby Gordon's NASCAR crew chief (?), his sister was Robby's GF at the time of '99 Indycar Califronia 500 (where Greg Moore tragically lost his life). She was interviewed on TV. Johnny's Dad had a Class 8 team, with Don MacCracken (sp? former Class 4 racer) as driver. Johnny, Robby, Kevin all "grew up together" in Desert Racing & MTEG back in late 80's ]

My 1st one ever, had a blast on Day 1. Had some drama..leaking 5 gallon gas can *inside* car -- fuel everywhere! Had to use paper to absorb most of it, then dumped dirt on it to "neutralize" fire risk

Got into Ensenada LATE Fri evening. missed all of Contingency. Got the bikes/cars leaving start in Ensenada (in front of Riviera Convention Ctr). The starter girl (beaming smile & jumping as the car left), was a star in her own right. Video interview of her in San Felipe Malecon (destination of Day 1) is uploading

Below are some pics from Ensenada & San Felipe. Am in La Morena restaurant (San Felipe, Malecon) doing the same -- 20 count steamed clams & Pescado combo (Abo fish). Ran into the Parkhouse Tire group, they had 3 cars in the race. They were having tacos in front of "Ana's Place" .. Ana being good friends with Pete Sohren. They claim this place has the best deal in Tacos, with thumbs up for the shrimp tacos. I called up Ana, she will be in tomorrow morning as the cars leave SF/Malecon



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Lisa Charbonneau (sp?) was the highlight of Day 1, start in Ensenada. Energetic, brilliant smile, connection with driver. Interviewed her at the finish in San Felipe (Malecon). NORRA staff & I discussed the KEY to Motorsports:

Human-Interest stories

In NASCAR, it's Billboard on 4-wheel (Business Model)..taking care of business. The Entertainment Model is summarized as "Soap Opera on 4 wheels" (Driver personalities, conflcts, etc), where NASCAR management pumps out human-interest stories the week after the weekend race. The question is

"Who are the 'characters' in NORRA' ala Pete Sohren

Had a blast with seafood cuisine, went back to La Serena for clams & fish


jon coleman

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my bosses ride ( co rider)came in it looks like 4-6 hours after every one else in cls. cant wait to hear the ' story'....


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NORRA is killing it with coverage this year. Multiple live camera locations including drone from great vantage points.

jon coleman

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drones good for this .some shots that never coulda been done back in the day.great for new fans of off roading