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2019 NORRA M1K Bronco Build


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Lots of progress because of a bunch of phenomenal Colorado Classic Bronco members lending a hand. What started as a just put the body on Turned into a “what else can we get done”. Off to the cage fabricator!



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Not being too picky, but you really should have a rear down bar off the top of the cage going to the frame rails added. The one going to the rear bumper would not do the job a down bar is intended to do in that design.


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Well, it would be top of the 'B' post to the lower vehicle frame rail, in your case, with at least 30 degrees from vertical. Basically turns the 'B' post, frame rail, and that down bar into a triangle to prevent it from crush.

Gary Plagman

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Hay landshark, Colorado Classic Bronco. O by the way, One thing Rory did not mention is we both have Wings. [class 1 – 2]. It still looks good on Class 3 – 4 . Good looking build take lots of photos.