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2019 NORRA M1K Bronco Build


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Doesn’t look like much has been done but we have officially turned the corner on electrical and plumbing. Just missing a few connections for each, electrical is about 95% done and tested. I will go out on a limb and say we are two weeks away from firing it up. Maybe a run around the block.

As always when you fabricate or customize everything we are having to install - tweak - then re-install to get things where we need them. Very time consuming but worth it.


jon coleman

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pre heat that oil!, looks good , make sure you take GOOD care of your race prep guy, broncos are ' fun' to prep.,lotsa room everywere.


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#35 is ALIVE! Started right up with the help of some fuel priming. Have a few gremlins but overall pretty solid so far. Should be ready to do a lap this weekend and then start buttoning things up for shake down and paint.

Pay no mind to the Chinese voltage indicator.. they are 1 volt off..



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well, it runs, it drives, its a hand full on the street for sure. Its REALLY REALLY loud.

Here are some quick glamour shots, It's the nicest it will ever look for sure - hopefully get some more photos outside here soon before we get it dirty and start getting the numbers and other stuff on it.

We have lots of little things left but its ready for its first shakedown run this weekend.