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2019 NORRA M1K Bronco Build

Team Todo En

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Nice seeing the racer back on the road for sure! It truly is an obsessive compulsive Bronco disorder, isn't it? 😄 I enjoyed seeing the vids that Mrs. Shark took on Baja Bronco Adventures page. I was hoping you amigos would make it to the 500 minus the racer. Well then, I'll see you in April!


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Well time to get to it, only 4 months until race time :)

Have a list of to-do’s but not many major lifts this year.

Mike and I have been working on organizing and focusing our lists, first things we are checking off are the shield mounts for the driver and passenger. Be nice to have some rock and wind deflection as anything over 70 cranks on our necks. We of course will be replacing the solid visors with some clear lexan just a little wider and taller.

We are adding a 2nd battery to our setup and building a “shelf” to cover/protect them and to act as a shelf for our cooler, tool bag etc.

We had some issues with the transmission barfing throughout the high speed stuff, so we added a catch tank that will allow the transmission fluid to expand and drain back to the C4

We will start sanding the Bronco down this week to get ready for primer and paint!

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love this Bronco, see you guys down there.