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2019 San Felipe 250 - Live Stream & Updates Thread

Curtis Guise

This new thread for the San Felipe 250 is so we can all post info and updates during the race. Here is some of the important info below and the live stream feed from contingency today and the race tomorrow.

33rd SCORE San Felipe 250, Round 1 of the four-race 2019 SCORE World Desert Championship
April 3-7, 2019—349.91 miles –San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

Race start times (full schedule below)
6:20am PT - Moto/quad.
9:30am PT - Cars/trucks.

Race course GPS files - GPX, KML, USR

2019 San Felipe 250 entry list

Live Tracking

Live Weatherman Stream

Schedule of Events (All Times—Pacific Time)

Friday, April 5, 2019 (Times are PDT)
8am-4pm Racer Registration (no new entries after 3pm)–Hotel Costa Azul
9am-5pm Media Registration–Hotel Costa Azul
9am-5pm Contingency Row–Malecon-downtown
9am-6pm Tech Insp/Transponder Ck/Stella Install–End of Contingency Row-Malecon
6pm Mandatory Aircraft Pilot Safety Meeting–Hotel Costa Azul
7pm Mandatory Racer Meeting–Hotel Costa Azul

Saturday, April 6, 2019 (Times are PDT)
6am-9:30pm SCORE Media Center Open–SECTURE Office-Mar de Cortez St.
START/FINISH LINE- Malecon in front of Rockodile night club – 349.91-mile race course
6:20am RACE START: MOTORCYCLES/QUADS (subject to change)
Pro Moto Unltd, Pro Moto Ltd, Pro Moto 40, Pro Moto 30, Pro Moto Ironman, Pro Moto 50, Pro Moto 60, Pro Quad, SPT Quad, SPT Moto
(Start Intervals: Pro Moto Unlimited-60 second split, all other classes start one every 30 seconds)
GAP –a minimum of 2 1/2 hour gap between M/C, Quad start and car/truck/utv start
9:30am approx RACE STARTCARS/TRUCKS/UTVS (subject to change)
TT/TT Legend, 1, TT Spec, 2, Hammer Unltd, Hammer Ltd, 10, 7, HM, 5, Pro UTV FI, SL, Pro UTV NA, 1/2-1600, Pro UTV Unltd, Pro UTV Stock, PT, 8, 3, 3000, BC, SF, 5-1600, Baja-e, 7F, 7SX, 3700/4700, 1700, 2700, VT, VI, 9, 11, SPT Unltd Truck, SPT UTV Unltd, SPT UTV Stock, SPT Ltd Truck, SPT Open-Wheel
(TT one vehicle every 60 seconds. All other car/truck classes start one every 30 seconds)
TIME LIMIT: All classes have 18 hours from time each vehicle starts to complete the course

Sunday, April 7, 2019 (PDT)
8:30 am Posting of unofficial finishers–SCORE Semi on the Malecon
8:30-10:30am Results inquiry/protest period–SCORE Semi on the Malecon
11am Posting of official finishers–SCORE Semi on the Malecon
9-11:30am SCORE Media Center Open–SECTURE Office-Mar de Cortez St.
Noon Awards Celebration–SCORE Stage on the Malecon

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Anyone else not able to get the full screen to work on the tracker? Solutions?

McCredie A

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I am trying to add RM's to the map for live tracking and having no luck. Can someone point me in the correct direction?



I’m way out of the loop. Why is Rob Mac showed so far back? Is tracking all messed up already?


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All teams really need to brush up on weatherman. When they call weatherman they need to “pause” wait for him to give u the “chase xxx go ahead” he’s running wide open right now trying to write down status numbers!


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On weatherman relay someone is calling in to say he just seen a bike cut the course ! Really? How does he know the rider may be lost, looking for a pit, low on fuel, taking a piss, did his homework prerunning......what a dork...