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2019 San Felipe 250 - Live Stream & Updates Thread

Curtis Guise

It's cool to see Adam Householder doing good so far. He started 17th and looks like he's in 10th or 11th right now. And there was already a little hold up at RM55 in Matomi for those of you not watching the live video. I wonder if it will get bad later when the other classes get there.


Zac Reish

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Who’s winning in class? I’m hesitant to ask in the thread because I could go in the live feed and figure it out but 10 years ago when everyone actually talked and random people would post updates and discuss what’s going on on the thread was way more fun than just staring at a screen of dots.

I guess I’ll figure it out and post the update myself and see if anyone wants to talk about it.


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Don’t think they moved enough rocks at race mile 55 lol BIG time bottleneck lol

Zac Reish

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Dude ryan has a serious lead. I don’t know about corrected time. He crashed at the mint and now leading San Felipe.

Last year rob Mac crashed at the mint then won San Felipe. That would be crazy if he wins.