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2019 San Felipe 250 - Live Stream & Updates Thread


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Official race results and penalties are out. I just added them to our race results section.

2019 SCORE San Felipe 250 results

A couple big changes are Dan McMillin got a speed penalty putting him in 3rd and Arciero in 2nd. And AJ Jones got a VCP and speed penalty pushing him to 2nd in TT spec and Sara Price took the win. And Shelby Reid ended up in 2nd place behind Brad Wilson.
Apparently that has changed again since you posted this


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Huge props for Cam on carrying Pete. The humbleness of Cam on the SF finish-line with Pete’s family just made me a huge fan. Definition of “Legit”.
I did a bunch of Pistol Pete tribute photos/videos at 2019 San Felipe 250 (well..350). I'm at Mariscos La Morena (on Malecon)..was here for lunch & (now) dinner. Mexican race fans REALLY know how to have a good time, Americans racers also too (in a different way). Martin Romo (owner Rice & Beans) did a special plaque for Pistol on the Malecon, I shot some photos/videos today..killer. The sailboat pic at sunset is for Pistol..appropro -- setting star (sun). I shot some killer cactus shots yesterday..race-day sunrise (huge saquaro cactus) & sunset (Ocotillo bush with orange flower..branch shaped like "2"). Only got 3.5 hrs of sleep yesterday..shooting finish-line videos until 2am..!! Got up today at 5:30am for sunrise photos/videos..Pistol tribute. Killer..will post soon!!

Here is what's happening during dinner, a bunch of Vildosola Racing fans are having a BLAST with a band. I flashed the trademark Pistol "sideways V" (2 fingers), & the 2 kids responded. See below pics. Even, the freakin' waitresses are joining in on the dancing. NEVER seen anything like this before..!! Will post video (plus 360 VR "Virtual Reality" Immersive Experience videos) later

The steamed clams (qty 20) for $4.50, Pescado (grilled, garlic & butter) (120 pesos?) is just TDF (to die for). Had it for lunch AND dinner. There's WiFI here, so I can post this via my laptop



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herbst trucks running nascar engines and RG finishes top 10 at SF250 in over 10 years.
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Spent Sunday "chilling out", after super-intense days of working SF250..mainly as tribute to Pistol Pete. Took detour to Borrego on way back from SF at 3am, shot some VR (Virtual Reality) 360 panoramas of Milky Way. Sagittarius ("sickle") in full glory in southern horizon

Been importing/editing/posting videos in Cathedral City (from Taco Bell..!!), while waiting to pickup 33" BFG tires on way back home.




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Took quite a few.. MM336 ish North of Zoo rd share some over the next couple days
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Shortest mig29 post ever
Another quickie, before I get back to work:

Pistol Pete tribute (Malecon emblem, Ruca Racing philanthropy "Baja Orphans")

SCORE: Pistol Pete tribute

Race Day coverage (MM20 lead 4-wheel vehicles, MM320 late afternoon)

SCORE: 2019 San Felipe 250

What a BLAST 2019 San Felipe 250 was, all in the name of Pistol Pete tribute.

Sunday was "chill out" day, I had a chance to enjoy the sights/sounds of San Flippy. On the beach, getting popsicle from roving vendor, got a Pina Colada, wrapped up day at La Morena restaurant. A Mexican team had a HUGE party, with Mariachi band playing music, everyone dancing (incl waitresses). Will post video later.

My BEST San Felipe ever, more later..