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2019 SCORE Baja 400 - Live Stream & Updates Thread & Post Race Expert Analysis


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Firefighters, police and teachers haven't been paid by the municipal government. They had threatened to block the start of the race. Marco Novelo is the mayor, you know, the guy that so wanted the Baja 500 to start at his property, Estero Beach, that same guy. You can be sure after his term is done there will be an investigation for embezzlement.
Cops sign said
"My dignity as a police officer has demanded me justice"


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I think the tracker is not quite 100%, as it is late updating, which can make it tough to tell where everyone is in relation to each other.


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The pit guys can do a full service, both wheels, fuel, rear brake pads, check fluids and an air filter in about 90-120 seconds, rear wheel and fuel only are about 30-45 secs.
That's on the factory Honda, with all the nice bits on it to help things along.