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2019 SCORE schedule and new Baja 400 race


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We will see after the B1K what the Ensenada government thinks of 3 races instead of 2....
A few years ago SCORE was almost forced to move the start/finish out of town due to the previous years incidents, they managed to keep the start/finish downtown adding speed zones and more safety barricades and fences plus the government regulated the spectators areas... that's why I think we will see after the B1K.... but yeah, if they are forced to move the starts is not the end of the world, they can make it... wouldn't be the first time... who remembers the 99 B1K in Ojos Negros?

Now that the race win is determined by less than a minute in some cases, the TTs in it for the win have to get after it right off the start. There is no more conservation. For the top guys they have to go from the green flag to the checker.

It seems to me, and maybe this is just my observation, that "back in the day" when vehicle conservation was almost more important than speed, the vehicles didn't tear through the streets of Ensenada nearly as bad. Yes, I realize they would put on a show off the start, but once out in the barrios going up the mountain, racers would check up to make sure they didn't ruin their race. No one that wants to win can really do that any more because there are those that don't. And you can't give the competition any advantage, not even 30 seconds any more.

So because of the different dynamic of the race these days more spectator related accidents have seen an increase it seems. However, with the advent of social media, like many things, there may not be an increase at all, but rather an increase on reporting these things. We used to hear rumors about accidents, but now every Jose, Pablo, and Juan has a cell phone and they love to give their video recording skills a work out.


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Ensenada has the 400, 500, and the 1000. With the accessibility to so many miles of racing from one location, how have they not had a large scale rally raid or rally race? (I understand that there are sections used each race)


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I'm glad to see it. But what about USA. Races ? I remember how fun Laughlin was and of course primm. Along with others. Nothing against BITD or SNORE. But it was the SCORE. Championship everyone chased. And they will always be know as TROPHY TRUCKS. Yes that is a score thing.

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Wouldn’t that be just down right crazy if Mexico’s tourism board bought Score? ..........bwahaha


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...if they are forced to move the starts is not the end of the world, they can make it... wouldn't be the first time... who remembers the 99 B1K in Ojos Negros?
Actually 1999 Baja 1000 started even farther away. It was on the El Alamo road, westbound, a couple miles above Independencia.
I've started "Ensenada" races in town and raced full speed all the way to Ojos on the asphalt, and started at Santo Tomas, Ojos, El Alamo, and El Sauzal.
SCORE has done really good at keeping the start/finish lines in town with the ever increasing size of town.

I'm not a fan of another SCORE race in/out of Ensenada. The Pacific, Tres Herms, Ojos areas, k78 areas are totally hammered already.


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Since they are doing another ensenada race it would be nice if they used a different area. Possibly race up to rosarito/tj area since theyve been racing there the past 2 years. Head west to Santa veronica and rumorosa. South through pine forest to el alamo. Back north through ojos and valle de guadalupe then finish in Ensenada. Sounds like a long shot but it could be possible to squeeze in 400 miles there.