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2020 BAJA 500


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Considering that they’re trying to secure an August 8th for the 500, I don’t think they give a rats ass about the other promoters lol. Vegas to Reno is the weekend after BTW and our team is contractually obligated to do both.
I see it really complicated that the Baja 500 could be held in august. The cold weather continues in Ensenada; also, in the news they mention that covid-19 cases have increased in the last days. Some sporting events have changed their start date from September to October.

If there´s a Baja 500, in my opinion it would be in late september or early october.


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Fake news. My brother went to Mexicali yesterday to pick up our Vimetal trailer. Aside from the questioning about where he was going he went right through and came back out no problem. And he wasn't wearing panties on his face like the rest of the sheep.
I wear "panties" on my face and I definitely ain't no sheep.

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