2020 BAJA 500


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Thankfully there’s is no corruption in politics so there won’t be a hint of favoritism when the locations for things like this are decided upon. (Rolls eyes)
There's no corruption.
If there was then every race course would be going thru the Pariaso Colonet hotel parking lot like a few years ago prior to Alaya becoming Mayor ( the Ayala family owns the Pariaso Colonet hotel).



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How about a two day staged race? First day is 250, second day is 500. Call it two separate races. Everyone fulfills their contracts.
Best idea yet, but that has even less of a chance at actually happening than a race in August or early September! Bet San Felipe is going to be nice in October though.


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250/500/1000 to be held in San Felipe?
10 laps around a 50 mile loop...all the spectators must social distance and wear hazmat suits...pit stops will be conducted in portable "clean" rooms that will be set up by the crews also in hazmat suits. No pre-running, no chase crews, no choppers, a virtual drivers meeting, virtual awards ceremony, and no contingency.
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