2020 BITD Vegas to Reno - Race Updates and Info

J Prich

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Will be another interesting race I think given that you've got a fast pack up front that are going to have to mix it up with each other in the dust, then some fast guys in the back who might actually catch an unexpected break by getting some clean air with gaps in front of them if they situation goes there way. Maybe one of those deals were someone who finishes a ways back physically is still fast enough to win on time.

J Prich

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Look at the event schedule. The last hour is 3-4pm so I think they had to start closing down by 4.
How that’s the case but the abruptness of the message makes me think it was an unanticipated move. Also the “will inform you of the next step ASAP”...the vibe doesn’t read to me like this was all part of the plan.


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90 degrees at Rawhide pit 11. Dry. Dusty. Make sure you get those air filters cleaned out at pits good luck tomorrow.

Mike @ pit b

Imagine the scene of them pulling the race truck off the trailer at that angle with the tow truck on fire.

Glad there were no innocent casualties. RIP to the John Doe.
Except for the two occupants in the car, one of them being a child.