2020 Chismes


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So with many race seasons ending for the year, and the looming 2020 season right around the corner what are the latest and greatest confirmed rumors for next year?
Jessie Jones Mason awd TT went to Dan Mcmillin
Jessie Jones getting new awd TT
Team C Mason truck/trucks went toMenzies?
Menzies getting new truck built?
Old redbull TT sitting? Going under knife for new portal setup?
Wilsons getting new Jimco built? Hammerhead?
Class 1 cars are now slower than 10 cars? <--Sarcasm
Heard Code off road adapting new class 9 rules allowing irs??
Not much buzz about King of Hammers TT invitational, is Luke going to defend his ice budget?


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One of Team C’s AWD trucks was already sold and raced the B1K as #89
Menzies new Mason confirmed by Mason and BM7


Crane Motorsports
Just to clear the air...
Jesse was kind enough to let us "take" his AWD after the 1000 due to the unfortunate circumstances that happened at the Baja 400 with the #23. Jesse will now take my spot in line for his next AWD. ETA sometime next summer. (I don't know of a second order). Our new AWD will be #17. The #23 is in Trophy Truck Heaven, probably still getting 4th.


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I heard Mike Walser bought one of the Team C AWD Mason’s, met him in Ojos at the 1000.
He was hauling the mail at RM 580 in the 2x Mason and congrats to him on the 4th place finish