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2020 Curt LeDuc Swap Meet


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That's right, no one should show up until 5am on Sunday Morning. That is when the buying begins. Anyone caught shopping before 5am Sunday will be punished to the highest extent of the law.

I think California has actually brought back enforceable offenses for just this occasion!!


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Original Radio flyer with antique original radio flyer seat sitting on douglas blue label 6x6 wheels, tires13c650x6, billet hubs, extended axles for wider stance, will also have the radio flyer canopy i will throw in with it
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Robin Hood

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Does anyone have any 15" X 4" wide five VW wheels. Looking for a cast non-beadlock wheels. Shoot me a PM if you have some.


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Looking for a pair of these if someone can keep an eye out. I will make it worth your while. Jeff 208/500-1810


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Thanks Curt for a great event! Attendance wasn't as great this year but still sold a few things and had a great time!


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The great deals were gone years ago. I sell more stupid crap for $2 than any big ticket items. I will say, the great deals are still out there, you just have to scrounge around harder, not like it used to be. When it used to be at Rialto airport was the best.


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Thanks Curt once again you put on a AWESOME SWAPMEET!!!!
I agree the the early days at Rialto Airport had some of the best prices and most of the race teams and shops had years of items to get rid of for cheap.