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2020 King of Hammers!!!!!


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KOH is right around the corner! I was reading about the live bands that are going to be playing and was wondering what the line up was?!

Dave Cole 4454

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Its a surprise, and I mean that sincerely.

Its going to be good, I promise you that, but we arent trying to turn it into a music festival.

There is no upcharge to get in, we arent trying to get a new or different group out....just want our core audience to have the best possible experience.

Its going to to be fun



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The music is a great addition but I'm travelling up from New Zealand to hear some angry engines pulling some silly RPM's! Pretty damn excited!
Cheers to you sir! Have fun!


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It's been done before when you all were just kids..... Fast Forward to the 5:00 mark if you've already seen my Ultra cool 4WD Toyota at the first west coast CORR race ever..... :cool: :cool:
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When do wristbands go on sale? Is there going to be live entertainment nightly? I only see 1 T-1 signed up.


Almost all the Trucks that had problems did not have underdrives. I doubt anyone shows up “caught out” this year.
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Official Schedule:

Friday, January 31st (Can-Am Opening Weekend):

HammerTown opens

Saturday, February 1st (Can-Am Opening Weekend):

UTV Qualifying

Sunday, February 2nd (Can-Am Opening Weekend):

UTV King of the Hammers Main Race

Monday, February 3rd:

Every Man Challenge Qualifying

Shootout at night

UTV and Shootout awards to follow Shootout

Band #1 plays after Shootout

Tuesday, February 4th:

King of the Hammers qualifying

Wednesday, February 5th:

Every Man Challenge Main Race

EMC Awards following race

Band #2 after EMC

Thursday, February 6th:

T1 Race

Friday, February 7th:

Nitto King of the Hammers Main Race

Saturday, February 8th:

King of the Motos (Looking to register for King of the Motos? You can do so HERE!)

T1, KOH and KOM Awards following race

Band #3 plays after race

jon coleman

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how do i get there??i mean what are the cool 'in the know' routes in & out, to avoid the masses
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