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You aren’t going, period. That’s all that needs to be said. The rest is just you babbling.
I was just pointing out how this community might need to make an EXTRA effort to abide by the rules....
Obviously it hit a nerve.....


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I was just pointing out how this community might need to make an EXTRA effort to abide by the rules....
Obviously it hit a nerve.....
No you’re not. You’re only trying to stir the pot and rattle the hornets nest and cause a scene. Your comment wasn’t necessary, constructive, or positive in any manner.

Congratulations to BITD on a job well done. They had to go the extra mile to make this race happen on time which is one reason why they are the premier series in the U.S. Please respect their rules in place so they may continue to promote races in the future for everyone to enjoy.


I was just pointing out how this community might need to make an EXTRA effort to abide by the rules....
Obviously it hit a nerve.....
At the SilverState 300 less than 2 months ago we had those same requirements. It wasn't really a big deal.
I don't expect this to be any different.

I will be on site with the SDHQ vendor trailer. If anyone would like me to bring anything specific for them let me know so I can get you sorted out ahead of time. Remember your fueling requirements. I usually get cleaned out on that stuff at this race.

ht racing

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at this point lets all be happy the race will happen! lets all stop talking about the rules as some of us don't wear masks me included! but if you want to race this one its like a helmet rule. this shows that bitd is strong and pushing ahead into the future!


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It's simple..... BITD should pay me to enforce the rules..... 30 second time penalty for every documented crew infraction....
I write it on your truck with a sharpie.....


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LiquidAider will not be a vendor at the V2R as we have a conflict with another major race we support and BITD is not allowing the usual spectator-friendly vendor area (we don't blame them - everyone answers to somebody). However we will give the same discount we'd give if we were there. Enter RDC at checkout for $20 off, still free shipping and no tax outside Colorado.
Push-button hydration - it's effortless hydration without taking your hands off the controls.


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Not for me. I wear my mask ANY AND EVERYWHERE, and keep sprayers of isopropyl in all vehicles. For the race we will have them in all chase trucks and in person if we are out of the vehicle. Stopping as much of this corona as possible and staying safe is top priority for me and my team.

If anyone needs masks let me know, ill send you some....

Why be stupid.....with the numbers of us all going to V2R probability says a few of us will be infected. We area ll pretty wild guys, but....I dont know about you guys, i dont want to spend 2 weeks at home sick for no reason.

FYI, you dont wear a mask inside somewhere in Colorado and you face a heavy fine and jail time as per governors order (And yes, at least in Denver...the police have already been enforcing it).

Lets all be safe but have a crazy fun time!


Wrong crowd to follow these rules.....

Wear a face mask or face shield on-site at all times
Practice social distancing by staying six feet apart
Use hand sanitizer and wash hands often
Park more than 10 feet away from neighbors
Please stay home and consider attending a future event if you are considered at high risk or feeling any symptoms
Please remain in pit area when not racing
Refrain from wandering or visiting neighbors


We are all obligated to do what is right in order to protect the future of our being able to get permits. I know a bunch of people who are against masks because "freedom/not a sheep/etc." That's fine. For the sake of the future of racing maybe don't pick this event as the hill to die on. Pick a different day/location and try and block a freeway. That seems to be working out well for everyone.:rolleyes:


Just a reminder that we all have at least one thing in common and that is for desert racing be in full effect just like we remember it.
We all know that currently racing is not permitted or heavily sanctioned.

Now where we may disagree is the reasons behind it and the speculations on what the future will hold...Ohhh and also how to fix the future if we only had omni potent powers.

Good news!

There is a section for that here on RDC called Purple. Its our own autonomous self policing zone full of binary thinking, hope, despair, anger and even love if you know what to look for.

This thread is the place where we only talk about the actual event sin worldview opinion. Thank you.


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Thank you Klaus for steering us "moron's" back on course. Looking forward to seeing all the racers
passing through Rawhide. Will have Hydration and snacks if needed. Cant wait to see you next week.
Look for the Orange Flag.



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Some or most of you maybe be just worried about the “big boy or big series” but be thoughtful of the grassroots boys. Vorra is holding the Yerrington race following the V2R in September. There is concern that if there is negative feedback from V2R it may impact this race in a bad way. Please follow the rules so we all can enjoy the sport we love