2020 NORRA tech rules posted


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NORRA has posted it's 2020 rules on their website in advance of registration opening for the Mexican 1000.


Chris - Is there a version of that PDF that shows the rule changes in a different text color? Or a Cliffs Notes version of what's different for 2020?




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What changed? Looks the same to me. BTW Chris...now that you threw me out of Challenger without due process or any tangible reason or evidence, you said (via email) that I could run ANY 4-cylinder engine in my new 'adopted' class, 'Vintage' as long as it only had four pistons. But your rules say no turbos. What? Wouldn't you have maybe...thought about that or mentioned that? NORRA seriously needs a real tech director that not only understands trucks...(which I admit Chris does) but also buggies and shocks (which he does not). My 2 pesos.


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For how long? There weren't nay 35" tires being raced on trucks in 1982 and it seems to have created a huge advantage for the trucks running in the class now. They were not that fast back in that era. They should be on 33" tires too.


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I agree Bro, then those buggies need to get rid of the electric power steering. If everyone wants period correct.


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No problem there. But there was power steering back then, just not the stuff we have today. I don't have a problem replacing something that existed back then with something that exists today that basically does the same thing, but using things that didn't exist that give an advantage over the stuff that was run, like bigger shocks or bigger tires should be a no brainer and a no go.

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All I know is that 35" tires are allowed in the Legend truck class. So we can end that argument. lol
I think you guys are going to have to put 33's on by 2021, from what I'm seeing..... Wait and see, I think after all the hoopla about tire sizes thing will change with time


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Back in 1982 I ran a set of BFG's that were 35x16'S on my class 1, Had a hard time finding wheels, had to have center line make them up. So they were around just not very popular
Do you think any of the truck guys would live long with those narrow 255 width 85 ratio tires?


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No, he's been in Challenger. That's where we're headed because of those pesky 12 cubic inches
Oh, crap. I must have gotten my Toyota’s mixed up from 2019 Race. Was there one in legends this years 1000? Maybe i was mistaken or something, it was a long race

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No shocks through the floor for Pioneer 4x4...so Boyd is bumping up a class?
I saw his rig at SEMA and those are some nice Fox shocks coming up from the axle perch to the roll cage.